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Please explain shuffle


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Hi, new to Poweramp and it has a lot of features. But shuffling is a big problem. All I want to do is shuffle all of the songs in a playlist but there doesn't seem to be any option to do that - if I turn on shuffle it shuffles all the songs in my library, and there are many thousands in all genres. All I want to do is shuffle a playlist I have set up.

Also is there a way to force Poweramp to randomize the shuffling function? It plays the same songs over and over and does not seem to "re-shuffle" between plays, as if it's playing through a hidden static list. This is an important feature to me and I'd hate to switch to another player because of it.

Thanks - Jim

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When playing a song, there is a repeat, shuffle icon. You may not see this at first so simply tap albumart and you will see the icon appear on the bottom right hand side. There are several options by repeatedly tapping the icon.

you can set this icon to show permanently in settings, look and feel, user ui

ps the shuffle function is randomized, that is the whole point of a shuffle

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I usually do the following:

  • Go to library
  • Click playlists
  • Click the 'more' (vertical triple dot) button next to the playlist I want to play
  • Click the shuffle icon

This mostly works, but I find that Poweramp sometimes decides to shuffle ALL of my tracks... never worked out a cause...

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