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  1. Hi, Issues with Poweramp accessing a micro sd card installed in my Samsung Android tablet. A Western Digital sd card works but a Samsung sd card doesn't. The samsung card works with other music players. I can't find any setting in Poweramp for managing storage devices or sd cards in particular. Also Poweramp won't access files copied to the internal built-in memory but will on the Western Digital sd card. Any ideas?
  2. Hi, I'm a longtime Poweramp user on android and recently bought a Samsung Galaxy android tablet. Installed Poweramp and immediately tried to install the unlocker. Google Play says I already purchased it and presents an Install button, which fails because it says I need to purchase the app. So I'm in an endless-loop dead end. Any ideas? Any other ways of legally unlocking Poweramp on a new device? Can I "transfer" the unlocker on my phone to the tablet? More than happy to pay the $6 or whatever but I'm completely stuck at this point. Thanks - Jim W.
  3. Hi, new to Poweramp and it has a lot of features. But shuffling is a big problem. All I want to do is shuffle all of the songs in a playlist but there doesn't seem to be any option to do that - if I turn on shuffle it shuffles all the songs in my library, and there are many thousands in all genres. All I want to do is shuffle a playlist I have set up. Also is there a way to force Poweramp to randomize the shuffling function? It plays the same songs over and over and does not seem to "re-shuffle" between plays, as if it's playing through a hidden static list. This is an important feature t
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