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shuffle complete albums when playing GENRE


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read a lot of forum questions about it but none of the suggestions worked for me.

I usually want to listen one genre, and then random albums inside that genre (no random songs). 

what I've tried so far:

Library > Genres > Rock  > click on play one album > set shuffle icon to  "Random list - Songs in order"  but when current album is finished no new album is played.

Create playlist containing all songs from one genre > play > set  shuffle icon to  "Random list - Songs in order" but just random songs are played.


any hint would be much appreciated


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Well it won't play ALBUMS in random order if you are using GENRE as the list level.

If you are using Genres as your randomised list level, but songs are in order, then the whole of one GENRE will be played in normal sort order first, then a new genre will be chosen at random and that will be played in order from start to finish, and so on.

To get a random album selected and have its songs played in order, you need to use ALBUMS playback mode, and select Shuffle Lists, Songs in Order.


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