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  1. @andrewilley Thank you, thank you - it works now! It was the Wakelock/Keep service settings that did it. Don't know how/why it suddenly didn't work, but who cares, because it works now! Now I can go back to pausing and un-pausing to my heart's content πŸ˜„
  2. EDIT: Problem solved πŸ™Œ (check out answer below) I got bluetooth headphones almost two years ago and Poweramp eight years ago, and have had no problem with using the headphones with the app before. But a couple of weeks (maybe a month) ago, it started to not work properly. The sound and everything else works great, but if I pause Poweramp using the play/pause button on the headphones, I can’t start it up again with the button. Poweramp now also disappears from the lock screen when I pause, so I then have to unlock the screen, and open up Poweramp to start again where I paused.
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