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  1. Hi Andre, I'm already back to working now. I did have to disable legacy mode and then re-select the SD card folder, and then re-scan the entire library. Thanks, Nigel
  2. Exact same issue here, when my Samsung S10 migrated to Android 11 this morning. I certainly don't remember enabling legacy mode earlier. If legacy mode was the PA default, I suspect a lot of people are going to run into this issue (assuming they keep their music on SD card). Thanks.
  3. Andre, thanks, that fixed it. Keep Service was set to disabled, which I think was the default (or at least I don't recall changing it). So yeah, it was just a setting I didn't know about. Nigel
  4. Hi, A few scenarios which might help to narrow it down ... Running Poweramp in the foreground, I can pause indefinitely then resume playback to the Chromecast Audio. Running Poweramp in the foreground, if I pause and then leave Poweramp, connection is dropped 5 seconds after leaving Poweramp. Running Poweramp in the foreground, if I then leave Poweramp and then pause from the Poweramp widget, connection is dropped 5 seconds after pausing. Running Poweramp in the foreground, if I then leave Poweramp and then pause from the Poweramp pull-down notification, connection
  5. Hi, Not sure if this is a bug or just a setting I don't know about, but ... I'm running Poweramp v3-882 on a Samsung S10 (Android 10), and casting to a Google Chromecast Audio running firmware 1.42.172094 (Chrome/76.0.3809.81). Works fine when Poweramp is running in the foreground. I can pause the playback indefinitely, and then resume play to the Chromecast. Seems the issue is only when Poweramp is running in the background, if I pause playback (say by using the widget), then the Chromecast connection is dropped after exactly 5 seconds (and the Google home notification tha
  6. Andre, thanks. Yes, I'm aware of the need to purchase another licence and sideload. Lack of chromecast not a problem. Lack of streaming support probably not a problem either, but never say never 😉 So am I right in listing only Fiio and iBasso as possible Android candidates, or are there any other manufacturers I may have missed? The DAP world is very new to me, and the choice is bewildering. Might even go for something more compact and forget Android altogether (HiBy, Shanling, Hidizs, etc.). Just feeling out the options at this stage ... Thanks, I'll have a search around for F
  7. Hi all, Been thinking of buying a DAP, and was wondering if anyone would care to share information on which DAPs can run Poweramp. Those I'm aware of that might be candidates are - Fiio M6, M9, M11 - iBasso DX150, DX160 Any others I may have missed? Not crazy money (DX150 is probably out of range), and must support Bluetooth aptX and/or LDAC. Many thanks, Nigel
  8. Hi Andre, I haven't tried different skins. I'm just using the built-in skin, dark theme. Seems it wasn't just the menu bar that was behaving strangely. I also couldn't get into the menu from the library top level (3 dots on the top right). It was in a very messed up state. What I did try is delete all app data, and re-run with all default settings. Even this was misbehaving in the same way. So I uninstalled and reverted back to non-beta -874, and this seems to be behaving ok so far. Thanks, Nigel
  9. Hi, Running Poweramp v3-876 on Samsung Galaxy S7 phone, and the menu bar is behaving strangely. Sometimes the bar is missing all the menu icons and is unresponsive (clicking it has no effect) and sometimes the menu bar isn't displayed at all. I have screenshots ... Normal Case Icons Missing Menu Bar Missing
  10. Sort of related to this thread, I hope, but in the library's 'Albums' listing, I would like to see the option of sorting by album artist, instead of (or in addition to) track artist. And if this 'album artist' option is selected, then obviously also displaying the album artist (not the track artist) for each album, in this listing. In this way, compilation albums would be grouped together by their album artist, instead of being distributed according to the artist of the last track of each album (which seems to be the current behaviour). Many thanks, Nigel
  11. I found one buffer size setting, which was on the 1500ms default. I increased this to 3000ms and this is definitely helping. Any downsides to whacking it all the way to 4000ms? What's the issue here? Is the phone/tablet buffer under-running? Does it depend on the speed of the android device? Thanks so much, Nigel
  12. Andre, thanks. I've factory reset all the CCAs, and that seems to have forced them to migrate to latest FW and Chrome. And now it doesn't stop after 30 seconds, but I am getting bad stuttering. By which I mean that the audio momentarily goes silent and I think the playback jumps back a little (50ms to 200ms approx.), every 10 or 20 seconds or so. Progress of a sort 😉 Thanks, Nigel
  13. According to support.google.com ... Current production firmware version Chromecast Audio — Firmware version 1.42.172094 Current Preview Program firmware version Chromecast Audio — Firmware version 1.44.185164 I have no idea why mine haven't updated from 1.23.85114, but I guess this is the issue. Thanks, Nigel
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