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  1. Exactly. Really looking forward for fixing this bug. Beside, both hiby r5 & r6 has additional chip processing audio instead of just soc chips. There is Direct HD showing in hi-res menu. I was wondering if Poweramp was leveraging the dedicated chip built in r5?
  2. Does the DVC work for your R6 with normal sound level?
  3. I really love the Poweramp player. However, it seems cannot work for my newly Hiby R5. If I turned on the DVC, I got a really low volume... Have to turn it off. Noticed that the quality will be improved if turning on the DVC.... if I switched to Hi-Res output, I got crackle and pop sound all the time. And somehow, I changed the sample rate to 48 or 44.1 or something else, the strange sound disappeared even I changed back to 192. However, if I paused the music and resumed, the crackle and pop sound came back again... This happened under the version 846 to 852.... Would you please help me out? Thanks.
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