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  1. yeah it's annoying lol for what it's worth, that legacy mode was working for me on android 10 before i updated to 11. either way, it appears to be working normal now. i appreciate the timely responses from you guys thanks again.
  2. Well granting access wasn't working because it would still give me the error about the storage being unmounted. so i went and checked that file access legacy mode setting, and it was already enabled- so i disabled it. the SD Card is now showing up in the Music Folders area, and when i chose the folder that has my music, it automatically did a full rescan, and is now working again. thanks brother!
  3. I updated my S20 Ultra to Android 11 last night and now Poweramp is saying my SD Card is unmounted. It's not, of course, as the rest of my phone (and other music players) are able to access the contents of the card just fine. I tried doing a full rescan which didn't work. I also tried re-adding the music folder in the settings -> music folders, and i noticed that the SD card isn't even listed there anymore. When i click on the + button and manually try to add the folder which contains my music, it lets me navigate the folders of the SD Card but won't let me add any of them to the selected music folders. Not sure what else to do at this point.
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