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  1. oh boy... i love having the only topic with no replies :/ so nobody else is getting this? nobody else bluetooths with other devices? weird... either way, i'm probably going to look into some other music players, see if oreo broke it for them all or if its just Poweramp that's been broken by it
  2. I checked the other Oreo topics but didn't see any with this issue; I have a Galaxy S8+ and a 9th gen Honda which are paired via bluetooth to play the music from the phone. A few days ago the phone updated to Oreo and now the track info won't display- it just shows the generic "no artist/title" placeholder instead. I've tried every combination of the audio settings that seems halfway related but no dice. the music and buttons still work thank goodness but its still really annoying as I have a ton of music. The only time I get the crashing is if I d/c the bluetooth with PA open; when I first saw the issue I tried un-pairing and re-pairing the devices and restarting the phone and that would cause PA to stop responding; the only way I found around this was turning the BT off completely and then restarting the phone, and then turning the BT back on before opening PA
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