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  1. Can make it possible to automatically switch themes in night mode. Make a menu with a choice of themes for night and day mode. For example, "light skin" at day - "dark skin" at night or "custom skin light " at day - "custom skin dark " at night. In a good way, the theme should include both the dark and light versions in the same package, but alas ...
  2. Early I was glad, AC\DC is an exception in MediaMonkey. Well, I don't think "/" is used anywhere other than id3. In my entire shopping history, I've only seen these signs (words):",", "feat.","ft.","w/", "with."
  3. No, I'm saying about the ID3 standard. There is already a separation symbol and it does not interfere with writing AC/DC together. I don't know how to implement it, but I have an example where it is already implemented. Based on your comment, I got the impression that you want to ignore the standard
  4. Well here's a real example AC_DC - Realize.mp3 KOTONOHOUSE - Euphoria (feat. TOFIE).mp3
  5. No no no. This is a rhetorical question. I mean that in id3 the separator is not"/".
  6. Hmm .. how? In ID3, it looks like the separator is not "/". Should I upload files?
  7. Some programs write ape tags together with ID3 tags. This is also done in foobar2000
  8. I also want to remind you that the words "feat." , "ft.", "f.", "f /", "with.", "w /", "mix", "remix" can separate authors which can be in title and artist lines.
  9. As far as I know, some meta tags (APEv2, FLAC) can contain multiple values with the same key. And also since ID3v2.3 it is prescribed to separate artists with a "/".
  10. Poweramp build number: 882 device model: Vivo Nex 3 Android version: 10 Error while rewinding in tak files
  11. Although, this topic is more suitable heading "proposal and ideas"
  12. But this is contrary to the idea of "artists list". Imho without a parser, this function is useless.
  13. Screenshot The application duplicates artists, ignoring punctuation and feat.
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