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  1. yeah ,can be used apparently (adds the space too)
  2. Ok thanks a lot ! That should do the trick. Do you also know of a "fake" comma that can be used as a separator ?
  3. Full ampersand seems like a good idea yeah By doing so, would they still appear under both artists with the added space ? Thank both of you !
  4. What I mean is : I have "Czarface;MF DOOM" as the tag so that it appears under both artists in the library. When playing, it displays the tag as is, so "Czarface;MF DOOM". The problem is just aestethic, and "Czarface●MF DOOM" would be kinda "ugly" too. I was thinking displaying an altered version of the tag with " & " displayed in place of ";", or leave the possibility to display the album artists instead when there are multiple. In this case, the AA indeed is "Czarface & MF DOOM". Having & as the separator would split artists in two that are not meant to, like for exemple Bob Marley & The Wailers
  5. This is a detail, but : When having multiple artists, could it be possible to display something else than the separator when playing ? For example, on the image I joined, on play it displays "Czarface;MF DOOM" as the artist; could it display "Czarface & MF DOOM" instead ? I can't set & as the separator of course, because of all the groups with & in their names. Even then it would display "artist1&artist2". Maybe if there's more than 2 it could manage to display something like "artist1, artist2 & artist3" ? That seem a little more complicated to implement though. Thanks ! EDIT : Another possibility : display album artists instead. This could be a "problem" with V/A albums but eh, if it's an option. I think there's already an option for that, but i was thinking an option for displaying the AA only when there are multiple artists.
  6. Bump Is this feature planned ? Thanks
  7. Hello, Would it be possible to have the option to ignore accents when sorting ? Like you can see on the screenshot, Zé Ramalho is after ZZYZX because "é" is considered to come after "z". Same goes for the artists after, after the Zs because there's an accent in the first letter. Would it be possible to treat à/á/ä/etc as "a", and so on ? Thank you
  8. Hi, I've got an Xperia XZ1 Compact with Android 9 and the latest Poweramp build, and when playing through the Meizu Hifi Pro USB DAC, when it's plugged, it outputs audio for a few seconds, then the song keep on playing, and the DAC seems to be recognized, but no audio. Any idea where it's coming from ? Thank you
  9. Hi, As of now, for Genres, if for example a song is tagged as "Hard Rock;Heavy Metal", it will appear under both in the genre category. Is It possible to do the same for multiple artists, for example songs labelled with "Method Man;Redman" would appear under both artists ? Thank you
  10. Here it is. But it does that with the whole album and others, where some don't do that 03 Kiss - God Of Thunder.opus
  11. up! these bugs are still there with build 802
  12. Hello, I've got some strange problems with artists name : i've got a few tagged with uppercase characters in their name, and for some it doesn't show up like that in the library (see attachment, tag is KISS and name in the library is Kiss) Also, the correct french translation of "Album artist" would be "Artiste de l'album" and not "Album de l'artiste". There are also a few bugs of revision 796 i've pointed that are still there: https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/14887-library-bugs-build-796/?do=findComment&comment=59515 Thanks
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