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  1. Figured out the problem. Bug in Mp3teg. APEv2 used tag "album artist" not "albumartist" like id3 or flac
  2. The "albumartist" tag is not reading in some files with APEv2 tags. I noticed this bug in mp3 and wv files
  3. This is more of a disadvantage than a bug. Due to the lack of this function, the library lacks unification. For example, if the library contains files of different standards (id3 + vorbis), the captions will look like this: artist / / artist2 and artist; artist2. This in my opinion conspicuous
  4. There is also a problem in mp3 and aac files if they contain ID3 metadata together with APEv2
  5. I mean container metadata (title, artist, cover and etc)
  6. No support for APEv2 comments in tta files. With ID3 comment works fine
  7. I sent the file. As far as I know, this is a bug in ffmpeg
  8. Poweramp does not correctly display the tags of the mpeg4 container if there are several of the same type of tags. For example, if there are several artists, then the last one is displayed.
  9. So about the new "multiartist" function: 1.Apps combine artists from vorbis tags into one 2.The spliting "albumartist" in the menu does not work. The first tag is shown, the second is ignored. 3.In the menu / album artists / * artist * / * album * / Duplicating tracks or none at all 4. If "album artist" is one, then the traks are duplicated, if more tracks are missing 5. Tracks with a split symbol are duplicated
  10. "opacity" - "непрозрачность", а не "прозрачность"
  11. Let me guess. Have you downloaded the image of some Chinese site? Most likely your cue file is encoded in a non-utf-8 encoding. You can convert cue encoding for example to notepad ++ program. It seems to me that this is GB2312 encoding
  12. In the albums section, the artist of the album is taken not from the tag "album artist" but from the tag "artist" of the last track
  13. Apologies for the sharpness. Maybe in the beginning it is worth making support at the standards level? And then we'll discuss additional features of the parser?
  14. Can make it possible to automatically switch themes in night mode. Make a menu with a choice of themes for night and day mode. For example, "light skin" at day - "dark skin" at night or "custom skin light " at day - "custom skin dark " at night. In a good way, the theme should include both the dark and light versions in the same package, but alas ...
  15. Early I was glad, AC\DC is an exception in MediaMonkey. Well, I don't think "/" is used anywhere other than id3. In my entire shopping history, I've only seen these signs (words):",", "feat.","ft.","w/", "with."
  16. No, I'm saying about the ID3 standard. There is already a separation symbol and it does not interfere with writing AC/DC together. I don't know how to implement it, but I have an example where it is already implemented. Based on your comment, I got the impression that you want to ignore the standard
  17. Well here's a real example AC_DC - Realize.mp3 KOTONOHOUSE - Euphoria (feat. TOFIE).mp3
  18. No no no. This is a rhetorical question. I mean that in id3 the separator is not"/".
  19. Hmm .. how? In ID3, it looks like the separator is not "/". Should I upload files?
  20. Some programs write ape tags together with ID3 tags. This is also done in foobar2000
  21. I also want to remind you that the words "feat." , "ft.", "f.", "f /", "with.", "w /", "mix", "remix" can separate authors which can be in title and artist lines.
  22. As far as I know, some meta tags (APEv2, FLAC) can contain multiple values with the same key. And also since ID3v2.3 it is prescribed to separate artists with a "/".
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