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  1. Have we got any updates on this one would you know please? @andrewilley
  2. Hi Andre, Getting into the subject, I found that PA actually reads Artists images placed at /android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/selected_artist – do you know if it's possible to embed the artist image somewhere like doing so to album songs?
  3. Hi thanks for you reply. This is however not what I enquired on my comment. What you mentioned is the search list options which appear in the results list once you search for something. So if you specify Artists, All songs and Albums in the list options, when searching for example for "Beatles", all songs/albums from band "The Beatles" will come up in the result list, as well as all artists where the name include "Beatles" as well as any songs/albums where the name contain the text "Beatles", even if they are not from the band "The Beatles". That's quite powerful and handy if you want to search for some specific song which you know the name. But if you simply want to search for a given artist and then from there navigate to this artist's library the result list is not much helpful. So back to my initial comment, what I actually mentioned is the ability to display results in a more organised way. So using "Beatles" as my example. If I set my search list options to only Artists, when searching for "Beatles" I would only see in the results the artists containing the name "Beatles". I would then select the artist named "The Beatles", and I would expect to see all "The Beatles" songs organised by Album, in the same way as if I had opened "The Beatles" from the Artists option in Library view. What currently happens when using the search functionality is all songs and albums are returned when clicking on the artist, with no grouping - You can sort the results, but the main issue is that the search results shows "All Artists songs" rather than being possible to customise how you want the results to display. Unless this is introduced in a newer PA version, I dont think that's possible to do as of today.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply Andre! It is a shame this isnt present at the moment. I can indeed see the track number in the metadata on player screen such as track 1/13, which is something at least. This would be indeed so nice to have! It would add to the awesomeness of Power Amp, looking forward to something like this in near future. Cheers
  5. Dont know if this has been already asked but didnt find an answer so maybe anyone could provide an input. Is there a way to display the songs by album or any other listing option when using the search functionality? I have specified my search filter to look for only Artists, and currently after searching the Artist I want the result list comes with all songs by that given artist, which is not much useful, I would like to see the albums by that artist after searching in the same way it works when using the Artists view. Many thanks!
  6. Similarly to @Trollburner045's comment I've spent quite some time tagging my music correctly and having the track number shown in the album list is also vital piece of information to me when listening to entire albuns, that's a basic functionality of most music players out there - I second all of Trollburners comments. Is there a solution to display the track numbers or this is not implemented at all in power amp? Many thanks
  7. To whom it may concern and find this usefull in future, I have a Fiio M6 device and was trying to use my old Poweramp license, purchased via Google Play back in 2012 - As I didnt have a purchase order ID, since this is only available for purchases made via the website (direct), and the Fiio M6 does not support google services, I contacted the Poweramp support via the email Poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com but had no lucky on converting my old license, so had to purchase a new license via website, single device and the registration process in M6 was smooth using the Order ID and email used on the purchase - All is working fine. It's a shame I had to rebuy the player - But I accepted it since Poweramp is infinitely better than the stock Fiio Music player.
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