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  1. Sending the email to Poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com was decisive! Thanks!
  2. And where are the notes for v3? Personally it's a week that I try to make this player work, but I can't get it to work under license! I think I'll ask for the money back ...
  3. However, isn't it clear to me if the email with which I have to register and purchase the license has to be google, that is xxxxx@gmail.com? Because if so, the email with which I bought the license has no "gmail.com" domain, but "fastwebnet.it"!
  4. In the instructions it says: "2. Poweramp v2 only: add the email from order confirmation email from PayPro Global as Google Account or Email Account from your device Android Settings => Accounts" But I don't have Accounts on my FiiO M6 device, I have no way to define an account !!!
  5. I tried tonight with v3, but nothing. APM response answers me - 500_NO_ORDER_FOR_ACT myemail.it I have re-done the test several times, but always the same result !!!
  6. But the license I purchased for the v2 version! Is it possible to convert it back to v3?
  7. Thanks Andrè, unfortunately for all three solutions, it requires that I have to configure a user on my device, but unfortunately there is no such possibility. The device is equipped with an Android 7, very personalized! https://headfonics.com/2019/01/fiio-m6-review/
  8. I purchased the license for Poweramp to install it on my FiiO M6 device, I downloaded the Poweramp-2.0.10-build-588-uni.apk version and successfully installed it on my device, so I did the Already Purchased procedure on the inserted email software and Order ID, but Poweramp keeps telling me "Validate purchase failed - No Google or Email account (Android 3+) registered on the device" The version is in Italian and the device is connected to the internet and has no Google Play I would like to make the software work otherwise, if it is not possible to recover the money spent.
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