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  1. Being able to edit genres, like leaving only the ones that the person really listens to most and being able to add and remove them, so it would be easier when going to edit the genre tag instead of looking through so many genres.
  2. Antes eu usava o Poweramp em um Samsung J5 Prime e o equalizador e o timbre funcionavam perfeitamente tanto nos agudos quanto nos graves, agora tenho um Moto G7 Play e o equalizador e o timbre não funciona mais como no J5, porque quando eu principalmente aumenta o baixo, só diminui o som e deixa o baixo que mesmo os outros músicos não equalizam. Como já testei OpenSL ES, OpenSL ES em alta resolução e AudioTrack e não muda nada, como resolver isso?
  3. Add this lyrics application to Poweramp. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.studiosol.player.letras
  4. PowerMilk, do you have any of your visualizations that the effects change according to the beat of the song?
  5. I always leave the option for music to continue when I plug in the headset. More than a few versions here is bugged, because when I connect the phone the notification is white as in the screenshot and to return to normal have to pause and play again.
  6. If this is the Singles option, because it has albums with more than one song.
  7. You could add the Singles category to the library to split the artist's songs, so when it was just one song it would be singles and when it was really an album with more than one song it would be in the albums. In my view it would be more organized.
  8. Would you like to add the option to hide the location of the music folders in a future release.
  9. I never had this problem again. I think I some update should have solved.
  10. I also realized that this is it. I think they should focus on getting this straight.
  11. Adds the option to edit all the selected songs at the same time, which would be more practical when the person is editing an entire album. Nor would you need to use a tag editor every time you need it.
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