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  1. Nice! Also good news if this is fixed in Android 12 as @maxmpmentions. Would have been great if Google could have fixed it for Android 10 and 11 as well. Although I'm planning to get a new phone I'm not sure if it will that soon, haha. @airmusicas for the issue, seems like the Google team asks for some details about this, ref the last comment on the link.
  2. Ah, that's a shame. Maybe one could try to get the Android devs attention towards this, e.g. tagging them in a tweet with a link to this thread? Anyways, is there another played that you could recommend that works with AirMusic for streaming local files to the receivers? Or does it only work with online services?
  3. Did you get any further with this? @airmusic
  4. Thanks for the suggestion; I added the tag for the tracks and then Poweramp updated the library and changed to the correct artwork! Learning something new every day..!
  5. Poweramp version: build-905-arm64-play Device: Galaxy S9 (SM-G960F) Android version: 10 Steps: I had an album by artist Katharsis with album name "666" already in the Poweramp library: Added a new album by artist KAT that also have the album title, "666". When using artist view and entering entry for KAT, the artwork that is displayed in the album list is the artwork for Katharsis' 666 and not KAT's 666: When playing music from KAT's 666, the correct artwork is displayed, but when going back to the "track list view" for current album, the incorrect album is displayed at the top: I've tried picking the correct image from gallery several times but it just won't change, so not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if it is a bug. Not the biggest thing, but thought I'd report it anyway.
  6. Thanks for adding this in the latest update, @maxmp!
  7. @maxmp Totally get that! I know you'll find a way when there is time for that down the line. I of course have total understanding for the fact that this specific feature isn't the most important thing to implement, hehe. Just another small detail going into the sum of details that make your app the best for this purpose, in my opinion.
  8. Thanks for the input and the explanation, Andre. It's just to hope max will get time do include it in some future update, then.
  9. Hope it's ok I just continue on this thread instead of making a new one as I have a question/request related to this. I'm not sure in which view the "Headers with meta" show the album length, but I for one would be very happy if the album length of each album in "Artist view" would be displayed. I often (or mostly) use artist view, both in general and when I'm out running, and as I often plan my runs to last X minutes it would be of great help if I could see how long the albums are. As an example, in the attached screen shot it would be great if it next to the number of tracks and the year of the album also could be displayed how long the album is. If I have overlooked something and this actually is possible, I'm sorry for bumping the thread - but if that's the case I'd be glad if someone could inform me how I get the album length to be displayed there when browsing the albums of an artist. As of now I have v3 build 860 full version in case this is dependent on the version used.
  10. That'd be great indeed, but as mentioned, it's not the end of the world. I totally agree on that it should be optional. I also have full understanding for the fact that it's already a lot of options in order satisfy the preferences of different users. One goal with the post was also to see if I maybe had overlooked something and that there already existed s solution I didn't know of. But if not I'll just edit the album tag and live with that and just change back if you should end up implementing it as an optional feature. Thanks for the quick reply.
  11. Probably not the most common 'problem' but still something I experienced today. I have some albums by an artist that often just release the albums as self-titled, e.g. Artist - Artist. Now, all these albums are released in different years and are individual albums, but if I browse music by artist, all these albums are put together under the same album entry under said artist, which is a bit annoying because then I can't listen to just that one album I want to at that moment without having to either make a playlist for the album or skip every two songs after every song. Is there any way to separate these so they show up as the individual albums they are without me having to change their tags and e.g. set album name to Artist (2008), Artist (2009), and so? Maybe it's possible to sort on both album name and year of releases when browsing music by artists?
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