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  1. That'd be great indeed, but as mentioned, it's not the end of the world. I totally agree on that it should be optional. I also have full understanding for the fact that it's already a lot of options in order satisfy the preferences of different users. One goal with the post was also to see if I maybe had overlooked something and that there already existed s solution I didn't know of. But if not I'll just edit the album tag and live with that and just change back if you should end up implementing it as an optional feature. Thanks for the quick reply.
  2. Probably not the most common 'problem' but still something I experienced today. I have some albums by an artist that often just release the albums as self-titled, e.g. Artist - Artist. Now, all these albums are released in different years and are individual albums, but if I browse music by artist, all these albums are put together under the same album entry under said artist, which is a bit annoying because then I can't listen to just that one album I want to at that moment without having to either make a playlist for the album or skip every two songs after every song. Is there any way to separate these so they show up as the individual albums they are without me having to change their tags and e.g. set album name to Artist (2008), Artist (2009), and so? Maybe it's possible to sort on both album name and year of releases when browsing music by artists?
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