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Found 6 results

  1. First, the ideal way to handle cover artwork is for it to be embedded within your audio files in the first place so Poweramp doesn't need to download it separately. That way the correct image is always part of the song file, and will remain with it wherever you use that audio file. This is something you need to do outside of Poweramp though, using tag editing software. However if embedded artwork is not found, Poweramp can automatically search online for matching images. This feature can be enabled and configured via the options in PA Settings > Album Art. If you don't happen to like a picture it finds you can manually select your own image by long-pressing on the song title (or on the album cover area in the player screen) and choosing 'Album Art'. For older versions of Android (prior to Android 10/11) Poweramp uses a custom location on internal device storage for saving these image files: Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/ (note the underscore in '_com'). If PA was first installed that way, that folder will most likely still remain in use currently - even if you have updated your Android ROM and/or Poweramp version. For newer versions of Android (11+) and recent builds of Poweramp, changes in the Android system requirements mean newly installed apps have to use a single specific internal storage folder for data, which in Poweramp's case means cover artwork can now be found in: Android/data/com.maxmpz.audioplayer/files/ (no underscore). Whichever of these two base locations is being used on your device, you will find several subfolders for various different types of saved artwork. The 'selected_' folder names are used for images that you manually chose, which will override any automated downloads: album_art or selected_aa for album covers as used in album/song lists, and on the player screen. artist_art or selected_artist for artist images used in the Artists category. composer_art or selected_composer for composer images used in the Composers category. genre_art or selected_genre for genre images used in Genres category. playlist_art or selected_playlist for playlists as shown in the Playlists category. The actual filename used for each entry will match with the tagged information held in PA's song database - such as <artistname>.jpg, <aristname> - <albumtitle>.jpg, or <playlistname>.jpg - with most special characters (*, $, %, &, ;, brackets, etc) replaced with underscores. The easiest way to see how it works is to look at existing items in these folders. You can edit or create these JPG files if you wish, but make sure the naming convention remains precisely as Poweramp defined it. Changes will get included as you navigate through lists, or to force a complete refresh you can fully exit and restart the Poweramp app. Please also see the general FAQ on how cover artwork is chosen for display, which includes other ways that you can provide images:
  2. Poweramp provides an almost unlimited number of options to personalize this player to suit everyone’s preferences. With this open design, it can almost become intimidating with where to start. I thought I would offer my thoughts on some starting points for the display and layout settings. By no means are these rules, but merely suggestions to try to help some that have requested advice in other threads. And for the record I have no affiliation with the development of the app, I am just another user and fan like you! For this first post, I wanted to start with the very basics. Any of the default or 3rd party skins can help personalize your design, artwork, layout, colour choices, and even font choices to tailor it to be yours. The first thing I would consider is whether you prefer a dark or light display. This can be selected in the “Look and Feel” settings menu. While it can follow your device settings, most users will likely have a preference of one over the other. But one consistent component is the background option. This can be enabled in the main Poweramp settings page, fourth option down. It can be selected on or off regardless of your skin choice. There are just four adjustments in the “Background” menu but the combination of them can lead to some very significant differences in the resulting background. It sets the album art from the file playing as a background for the Now Playing screen. Let’s look at what each setting does, then we can combine them to get the results you want. Background Blur - Affects the focus of the artwork. As the name suggests, it controls how clear the image is, from sharp and distinct on the left end to virtually unrecognizable other than maybe shapes or lines on the right. This is helpful to blend the image away from the main art display, but keeps the detail and levels intact. Background Details - Affects the sharpness of the artwork. The far right end of the slider is detailed, and maintains the full cover characteristics. As you slide to the left the contrast of the dark and light areas start to blend together, until you reach the far left end where the entire image is a single solid colour blend of the art. Background Intensity - Affects the brightness of the artwork. At the lowest end, it is virtually black no matter what colours are in your artwork, while at the highest 250% setting it is almost eyeball burning. This is a key setting depending on your preference I mentioned earlier for a light or dark display. Background Saturation - Affects the amount of colour of the artwork. At 0% it becomes purely grey tones, a black and white image. At the 300% maximum any colours are driven up significantly, great if you want to emphasize the original art. So how do you use these settings to get the perfect album art display? Well that is different for almost every one of us. There is no perfect. Fortunately we have these adjustments to work with. To start with, I make the following settings; Blur full left at less, Details at full right detailed, Intensity and Saturation set to 100%. This essentially makes the background the same as the original art display. You will need to exit the settings to see any changes you make each time. [@maxmp perhaps this can be improved in the future to show the background behind the settings, so the changes can be seen live?] Start your adjustments with Intensity somewhere between 150-250 for light backgrounds, while 15-50 is a good range for dark and still has the cover visible. Next adjust the Saturation, move above 100% to enhance the colours or below to reduce towards grey tones. After that move the details down and blur up, each one step at a time. This may take the most time to get the combination just right. Remember to use a few different covers, what looks good on one may not be so great on another. I hope this quick guide helps to get your background display to be your Perfect!
  3. Poweramp version: build-905-arm64-play Device: Galaxy S9 (SM-G960F) Android version: 10 Steps: I had an album by artist Katharsis with album name "666" already in the Poweramp library: Added a new album by artist KAT that also have the album title, "666". When using artist view and entering entry for KAT, the artwork that is displayed in the album list is the artwork for Katharsis' 666 and not KAT's 666: When playing music from KAT's 666, the correct artwork is displayed, but when going back to the "track list view" for current album, the incorrect album is displayed at the top: I've tried picking the correct image from gallery several times but it just won't change, so not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if it is a bug. Not the biggest thing, but thought I'd report it anyway.
  4. Poweramp version: v3, build 874 Device: Xiaomi 9T Pro Android version: 10 QKQ1.190825.002 MIUI Version: Issue: Artwork on the notification pane does not update when skipping songs, unless Poweramp is in the foreground. If Poweramp is in the background, the song changes, but artwork, song name and artist will not update. Thank you Kind regards,
  5. I don't know if I put this in proper category, as this isn't necessarily a feature request, rather adding to an existing feature. There's a website valled "itunes artwork finder" https://bendodson.com/projects/itunes-artwork-finder/ that you can use to search for and download high-resolution artwork from iTunes. It usually has the best quality/highest resolution album covers I can find. Google images/reverse image search rarely comes up with higher quality covers. It would be cool if when searching for album art in Poweramp, if it could search iTunes aswell. The developer of the site has the source code publicly available on GitHub so other devs can host it themselves, as mentioned at the bottom of the webpage: "NOTE TO DEVELOPERS: If you want to do any automation or hit the API I've written directly, please consider getting the source code I've made publicly available on GitHub and hosting it yourself. I can't guarantee uptime nor give permission for you to hit my server from your own apps so please host the code above on your own server if you wish to do anything like that." GitHub link: https://github.com/bendodson/itunes-artwork-finder
  6. Please Make Poweramp more Powerful to Handle Hi-Resolation Artwork (1400x1400 or above)
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