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  1. HTC U11+ running Android 8 stock ROM, Hi-Res working both with stock USB-C headphones and Bluetooth devices: sound quality definitively improved.
  2. teorouge

    b811, Bluetooth issue?

    Yes it's on... 😢
  3. teorouge

    b811, Bluetooth issue?

    Hello, this is still happening on 815 build... Can anyone confirm this behaviour? Thanks!
  4. teorouge

    Please add Android Auto support.

    Thanks, please add Google Assistant support in the process, as suggested above! 😁
  5. I do second that, please add Google Assistant integration!
  6. teorouge

    b811, Bluetooth issue?

    Hello, when I hang up a call (which I made through Google Assistant or the regular dialer) the song resumes playback briefly then it stops, then I have to press Play once again to actually resume playback for good. Never tried using speaker or wired headphones, only Bluetooth. HTC U11+ running stock Android 8.0 Thanks! Please re-add Google Assistant playback support soon too, my daughter loves it when I go "OK Google, play <<song name>>" and now I can't text-search a song she wants while I'm driving...