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  1. Sorry to revive this old thread, has there been any implementation of mine and andrewilley's suggestions yet?
  2. Dude that's so helpful, thanks! I was actually trying with no connected BT devices so I didn't get it. Huge QOS improvement!
  3. Hello, I tried searching for an option to automatically assign an Equalizer preset (bass boost only, actually, but I saved two presets anyway) based on the connected Bluetooth device: this because I need bass boost with my BT headphones but I want it flat with my BT car headset. Did i miss that? Or can you consider implement that, if that isn't there? Thanks anyway for any response.
  4. Thanks Max, that would be awesome! Just as an information, how hard would it be to implement spoken commands?
  5. Thanks, I've been using another MP3 player app (not naming that unless you ask me) and there was an option which allows you to map a "Switch to whole device shuffle play mode" to a double/triple bt device button press and that worked flawlessly, and you could also revert it through another double/triple press and get back to single album playback mode. I tried doing that in PA and I couldn't find a similar thing but maybe it's due to a bad translation... I'll try changing to English and check back through the customization options. As I use that while driving a spoken command would even be better but that's just wishful thinking...
  6. Hello, I'm using latest PA3 builds from beta program In Google Play and I couldn't find a way to achieve that: - While I'm listening to a given album or artist discography, how can I set PA up so I can double/triple click a bluetooth device button and swap to whole collection (I mean all the music in my device) shuffle? - While in whole collection shuffle, can I switch to single album mode for the album the currently playing song is in? Always via bluetooth shortcut as in previous request. Thanks for any help.
  7. Ok, cleared app data and I guess it looks way better. It's funny because Poweramp got installed from scratch a couple of days ago as I completely wiped my device... 😱
  8. Please note I say "filename.mp3" but it's actually the real filename of that given song.
  9. Nice logging, gonna provide that ASAP. EDIT: please note it happens only with my car audio system, no issues with other systems or my Jaybird X3 headset.
  10. May this be related to my car audio not resuming playback after a phone call? It resumes for a brief second and pauses again, then I have to press play to get it playing normally. HTC U11+ running stock HTC ROM on Android 8.0 connected to a Bluetooth 3.0-enabled Alpine car audio.
  11. Build 835 on HTC U11+ running Android 8.0, similar issue here and I get this behaviour: Force close PA When it connects to my BT car audio, it starts and keeps playing correctly As soon as I turn the car audio off it disconnects nicely As soon as it autoreconnects, Poweramp starts saying "can't playback mp3 - filename.mp3" and won't resume playing; pressing pause and play again won't work If I skip track onwards/backwards it keeps saying "can't playback mp3 - filename.mp3" for any song Force closing PA and opening again fixes the issue until the next Bluetooth disconnection/reconnection
  12. HTC U11+ running Android 8 stock ROM, Hi-Res working both with stock USB-C headphones and Bluetooth devices: sound quality definitively improved.
  13. Hello, this is still happening on 815 build... Can anyone confirm this behaviour? Thanks!
  14. Thanks, please add Google Assistant support in the process, as suggested above! 😁
  15. Hello, when I hang up a call (which I made through Google Assistant or the regular dialer) the song resumes playback briefly then it stops, then I have to press Play once again to actually resume playback for good. Never tried using speaker or wired headphones, only Bluetooth. HTC U11+ running stock Android 8.0 Thanks! Please re-add Google Assistant playback support soon too, my daughter loves it when I go "OK Google, play <<song name>>" and now I can't text-search a song she wants while I'm driving...
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