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  1. Hi guys, new application was added https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=white.Poweramp.vis&hl=en
  2. On the technical side, this is possible. But this visualization is done in a graphics program like Sony Vegas or Adobe Premier. In milkdrop format, it is possible to do just something similar, but also because of the peculiarity of converting to a mobile platform, there are big limitations. This visualization in milkdrop Winamp, but doesn't work in Poweramp
  3. Poweramp doesn't support the full spectrum like this. At least I have not yet found a working one. Spectrum must be created from 0 That's all there is, not counting the waves.
  4. I'm update this presets, and include them in to the "best" version app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=best.Poweramp.vis Looks more nice.
  5. Gifts PowerMilk + Xmuzack + Martin - New spectrum in motion 3.milk PowerMilk + Xmuzack + Martin - New spectrum in motion 4.milk
  6. Hello everyone, in order to make a full spectrum, you need to use special tags for Poweramp. More details can be found here https://github.com/maxmpz/powerampapi/tree/master/poweramp_vis_presets_example I plan to make a few. After release app with white visualizations, I will definitely start studying how it works. Who wants to help, welcome topic https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/15442-Poweramp-visualization/
  7. Dear administrators, I would like to know. Are you planning improved process of converting and processing visualizations? Because so many beautiful presets don't work or work incorrectly. I understand it's all about non-trivial loading process and multiple translations. For example, I attached one of my visualizations, how it works in Winamp and Poweramp. Maybe something to do with it? There are really a lot of them. At the moment, "FREE Poweramp VISUALIZATION" was installed by more than 5,000 people, and if people use visualizations, it's should be improved. And the last question, I plan to create some bars presets, but don't know how it tested, compiling and install application uncomfortable. Мaybe you would advise a better way? PowerMilk + Xmuzack + Martin - New spectrum in motion.milk
  8. Why did it happened, if i turn on HD in setting?
  9. Hi! Thanks. I selectin from over 40,000 milk presets, including these. But many presets don't work in Poweramp or not work correctly. If you want look some presets in my apk, i include it in free version. Write me milk name.
  10. @maxmp подскажи пресеты возможно упаковать в bundle? Чтобы иметь возможность просто купить дополнительных пресетов внутри приложения, и не плодить кучу приложений. Просто я не знаю как ещё в пиратами бороться, google вроде говорила недавно про встраивание DRM, но пока не могу найти информацию как это можно сделать.
  11. New visualizations was added. https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=PowerMilk "Blue spectrum in motion" was changed Give me any feed back.
  12. @monkeybutt This is possible, but must be created from scratch. Now we are just selecting from standard milk presets.
  13. @maxmp Текстуры не подхватывает, сделали по инструкции на гитхабе.
  14. Hi everyone. Bild 1.1.7 Poweramp Spectrum Kit is available in Google Play. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.powermilk.spectrumkit Major changes: - peak support (spectrum 1 2) - rounding support (spectrum 1 3 6) - management of peak parameters (bars_peak_height, bars_peak_spacing, bars_peak_delay, bars_peak_accel, bars_peak_color_t, bars_peak_color_b) - temporarily removed bars_mode 7 (no support in Poweramp 905) - new menu - new starting song - sort "by name"/"by date" on "open"/"save" screens - push notification about the readiness of the gift - new icons - numbering in the market of the "number of open" / "total" visualizations - ordinal numbering in the market when viewing - notification of available new visualizations in the market - minor fixes For spectrum visualizations, the editor is the main application, new visualizations will appear in it first. This applies to app "spectrum" "club" "fire" "ice" "nature" "modern" "cloud". I advise you to purchase a complete package of all visualizations in the market, all future visualizations will also be available. Many unique visualizations have been added to the market: FREE: EXCLUSIVE: FIRE: ICE: NATURE:
  15. @maxmp Подскажите ещё что значит "Poweramp also supports spectrum bars rendering defined in .milk presets with the extended syntax." Как в таком случае заставить работать эту визуализацию? Martin Simple Spectrum (IAmSp00n Stream Edit).milk
  16. Здравствуйте. Подскажите возможно ли в одном приложении пресеты разбить на категории, для того чтобы Poweramp не скинул их в одну кучу? И второй вопрос возможно ли скрыть от Poweramp всю категорию, к примеру если делать приложение со встроенными покупками, а после покупки уже инициализировать сканирование Poweramp новой категории. Только для того чтобы не "плодить" приложений. Спасибо
  17. Пожалуйста сделайте отображения название песни при смене, в полноэкранной визуализации Google translate: Please make the display name of the song when you change, in full-screen visualization
  18. У меня не совсем такая проблема, я не использую внешний накопитель (пока), хотя библиотека всего из 500 песен подгружается относительно долго, это заметно по виджету Poweramp, пока не появится название последнего трека виджет не реагирует. Хотелось бы конечно чтобы Poweramp запоминал положение в треке, да и не помешал бы автозапуск, пусть даже с рут правами (на гу это не так уж сложно получить). У меня установлен лаунчер nova, при использовании магнитолы вне Poweramp, очень часто вылетает, когда открыт Poweramp такого нет. android 6.0.1 GOOGLE TRANSLATE: I have not quite such a problem, but I do not use an external drive (yet), although the library of only 500 songs is loaded relatively long, it is noticeable on the Poweramp widget, until the name of the last track appears, the widget does not respond. Of course I would like to Poweramp memorized position in the track, and i would like to have autorun, even with the root of the rights (on the head unit it's not so difficult to get). I have a nova launcher installed, when using the head unit outside the Poweramp, he is often closes, but when the Poweramp is open this does not happen . android 6.0.1
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