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  1. So a new version of Poweramp has rolled out, which added a +10/-10 rewind buttons, and I really love it. However, one thing that I would really appreciate is the ability to customize how long the rewind is, like 5 seconds or 15 seconds etc. Also, kudos to the dev for implementing this much needed feature.
  2. I’m happy with andrewilley’s compromise, because I organize my folders into either pure folders or pure files. So the compromise will work just fine. As for the superluig164’s solution it would be harder to make but still works nice (if I understood it correctly). I mean having it as an option won’t hurt anybody. i know i would definitely use it. Since they both contributed two nice ideas, I thought I should offer a suggestion too, which I think would be easy for the average user to understand, but no idea how hard it is to make. Add a folder/music icon toggle on top of th
  3. Hello there, I'm still using this app exclusively for my audio needs. However, updates came and went, and a simple (I think) feature is being ignored. Please add an A-Z scrollbar in the folder hierarchy view. It has already been implemented for almost every other view, but not for the folder hierarchy view, which is the view that would benefit the most from it (don't you think so?). Anyway, this is a great app, nothing else comes even close, mainly because of the folder hierarchy view (which i use exclusively) but these little things are annoying more than they should
  4. It has been mentioned long ago the need for A-Z scrollbars, and the dev implemented it (I'm truly thankful) , but he only implemented it for some "lists" and not other. The "list" the that I exclusively use is the folders hierarchy, which i believe many Poweramp users use a lot too, mainly because Poweramp implements it best, but it didn't have the A-Z scroll bar, even though it's the "list" that benefits most from it. So please dev look into adding this feature. Thank you.
  5. +1 also it would be cool if .lrc files are supported too, synced and unsynced
  6. so there a new view for the queue called compact list (see image) this so far is the best view option in the new ui what i dont understand is why is it exclusive to the queue list please add this option tothe other list options p.s. DO NOT EXCLUDE FOLDER HIERARCHY FROM THIS OPTION i know how you guys ignore/hate folder hierarchy list, please dont and thanks for the hard work, bugs are getting fixed and requests are being met
  7. So, in the main player UI you can access shortcuts to the currently played tracks (see image). This is an extremely helpful feature, which can save me a lot of time. But, again, there are multiple shortcut except for folder hierarchy. There is a shortcut for folders though, but its almost useless to me. Why do you guys hate folder hierarchy so much? Can you guys add it to the shortcut? Please, the main reason I use Poweramp is the folder hierarchy view. Thank you. edit: as of version build 796, the features have benn implemented, thank you devs, stay aw
  8. OK, so in the version 793, there's a new dashboard looking thing in the bottom. (see image) It's useful and I quite like it. However, what i find annoying is that it keeps auto-hiding whenever I scroll down, and reappears when I scroll up. Can you add an option to disable the auto-hide feature? Thank you.
  9. Same issue here. Really annoying. Fixing is ASAP is very appreciated.
  10. So, finally, an A-Z scroll bar was implemented, good job team, much appreciated ? but, its implemented to every list option except folder hierarchy. ? That's the only list option I use. I have no idea why it's that why, but please add it to hierarchy view. Thank you. Also, maybe increase the size of the scroll bar a little? Thanks again.
  11. +1 at least just add it as an option it doesn't even have to be the default
  12. Just updated to v793, and my car's bluetooth controls no longer work, not the pause/play button, nor next/previous track buttons. I can control the tracks fine on the phone though. And the audio works just fine over Bluetooth. I have a nokia 8, running unmodified android. All other apps are working just fine with the bluetooth controls, expect this version of Poweramp. update: tried connecting my phone to bluetooth headphone, the volume up and down work, although a bit laggy, annoying, but works. However, the pause/play button doesn't work at all, but it do
  13. So as far as PA 704 goes (790 still doesn't have lyrics implemented), it can show lyrics in this sort of a pop up window, but whenever you tap ANYWHERE, the lyrics window disappears, so you can't control the track while reading thr lyrics. My request to be able to see the lyrics while still being able to control the sound track. Maybe have the lyrics replace the album art area or something. I dont know. Thank you.
  14. i second this the feature is badly needed
  15. found a buggy menu item in folder/library scanner menu its just numbers with a check box (see image) details nokia 8 (model: TA 1004) android oreo 8.1.0 (stock, not modified, not rooted) bug was found in alpha 703 and 704 uni
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