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  1. So as far as PA 704 goes (790 still doesn't have lyrics implemented), it can show lyrics in this sort of a pop up window, but whenever you tap ANYWHERE, the lyrics window disappears, so you can't control the track while reading thr lyrics. My request to be able to see the lyrics while still being able to control the sound track. Maybe have the lyrics replace the album art area or something. I dont know. Thank you.
  2. found a buggy menu item in folder/library scanner menu its just numbers with a check box (see image) details nokia 8 (model: TA 1004) android oreo 8.1.0 (stock, not modified, not rooted) bug was found in alpha 703 and 704 uni
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    i second this the feature is badly needed
  4. 1. nokia 8 (model: TA-1004) 2. android 8.1.0 (stock) 3. https://gsmarena.com/nokia_8-8522.php btw the Poweramp im using alpha 704 i dont know how and if im supposed to get and alpha2 704 or and alpha3 704