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  1. It's still not calculating times of certain files properly and playing past the "end" of the track. Will this ever be fixed?
  2. Still not detecting the correct length of MP3 files. I reported this years ago ......
  3. Well there's a surprise. Another partly working incomplete version. Would have never guessed that then.
  4. USBAPP has just had a major update, and bugfix releases are being rolled out daily.
  5. Well after using Poweramp literally every day for nearly 7 years it's time to move on. Such potential for development being stifled by an owner with absolutely no foresight. Thanks to those who recommended USB Audio Player PRO .... it's not perfect but certainly a step up in some areas and more importantly is being actively developed. Poweramp uninstalled on all my devices and link for the forum deleted. Thanks Max but too little too late. Such a shame.
  6. This thread is hilarious. Sadly I've ran out of popcorn so off to the shops yet again ........
  7. Ha ha. I just logged in for a laugh and certainly got one reading this. Total vapourware. I really don't know why people are wasting their time following this.
  8. I've gone back to my Nokia N95 8gb with the Creative E3 Bluetooth DAC. Sounds better anyway.
  9. This has happened a few times now. I will create a playlist with various songs, then for no reason I will load it at a future point and it will be empty. The playlist will still be there but with nothing in it. Running beta 703 I'm getting sick to death of Poweramp, It's buggy as hell (even the normal version) and the development is slower than a sloth wading through treacle.
  10. That's exactly the reply I thought I would get. Customers invest in development of the software by buying it. Of course there is no obligation to develop it further however Max could make a lot more money by moving this up a notch and hiring more coders, in turn making bigger returns on a better app. Some of the biggest and best apps that have sold for millions started out like Poweramp. Although I use it every day, both the release and alpha versions are riddled with bugs which makes it more urgent to get the new version released bug free. Each to their own opinion I guess.
  11. Although I love Poweramp (and have done since I bought it in 2010) the development is atrocious. I don't know who runs the company but it seems to be one guy who releases a new beta every year or so. This could be so much better with a bit of focus and priority.
  12. Track plays fine on all other music players and my DJ software .......
  13. Please see below. Poweramp shows it as 3:14 but it is 3:39 and runs past the end of the ticker. https://www.dropbox.com/s/eg217nql6sx4im4/JESSIE%20J%20-%20SEXY%20LADY.MP3?dl=0
  14. Still unsolved issues with this build. 1 - If a track has album art, adding it to a playlist makes the album art disappear 2 - The time bar at the bottom is still inaccurate on some files and does not calculate the track length properly (the song runs past the end time)
  15. The ticker bar at the bottom is still inaccurate for calculating track times. Sometimes it runs past the displayed time of the track.
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