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  1. January? Are you kidding me? The first alpha version was released on January 3. Will the first beta release be published after 1 year? Hope is worth the wait.
  2. Why are consistently has defended? . 6 months. too much time. It must have at least minor updates. at least as active should be informed about the process. 1-2 going online except for a few months and do not inform comment. I want to give an example. PlayerPro DSP programmers have renewed the entire package of 2 months. now supports high-definition audio. but I do not want to use external Poweramp other applications.
  3. I'm tired of me without adversely post comments. but Max is now proved lazy. Even after 6 months not published a single development. Not less than 6 months. OK, I understand, it is developing a stand-alone application. but people were tired of waiting. re-create the interface was finished one month ago. but still no update. I hope that in a short time a new update is released. I do not want no more negative comments. Sorry for my english
  4. Same with my s6. Low volume + low quality bass (no limitation).
  5. When does the new beta version ? today ? tomorrow? this week ? It's been over 4 months since the last alpha version released
  6. For real hi-res ---> Stellio music player. Best than Poweramp
  7. it's a pity. very irresponsible developers . Although it is still not an update 4 months !! . other application developers are releasing updated almost every month . He does not excuse max . longer distract people max !!! We expect the new beta for months .
  8. The new beta version will be published when ? developers too slow. the current interface is very bad and boring. presumably when it released?
  9. Will there be a version with 703 material design ? or will it be development related to sound again ?
  10. When the new beta version will be released?
  11. We're still waiting for a change of interface
  12. Max never been online since Thursday. I guess the new version very soon
  13. It will be published next week release alpha or beta ?
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