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  1. I think it will be useful. If there is rating in artist menu. Artist rating is based on average rating on all songs of every artist. And it show under artist name. For example. Artist B have 4.7 star 🌟 rating (under artist's name menu). I hope this idea will make Poweramp better. Thank you.
  2. I think Poweramp should add option to follow source of audio file.
  3. Why Poweramp always upsampling my audio file from 44.1 KHZ to 48 KHZ? Even in hires usb dac output. It's always upsampling to 48 KHZ. Any solution for pure audio output to my usb audio dac? For information I am using Fiio Q5.
  4. Thank you very much for update. But why my Fiio Q5 sampling rate limited 32 bit 96khz ? Fiio Q5 actually can support up to 32 bit 384khz DSD file output also very quiet.
  5. To: Poweramp Developer Please add custom usb driver support for Poweramp. Like other player (HibyMusic, USB Audio Player Pro). So all usb dac users can get best output from Poweramp. Thank you.
  6. Hopefully Poweramp can bypass all limited audio output (standard android usb driver) by adding bit perfect mode (custom usb driver).
  7. Agree. It will make usb dac like Chord Mojo, Fiio Q5 function optimally. Hopefully developer make this feature available for Poweramp.
  8. Native DSD support for usb dac will make this music player application nearly perfect.
  9. Please add USB DAC Native DSD Support. I have try to enable Hi-Res output. But my Fiio Q5 DAC is not detected by Poweramp. For information: USB DAC: FiiO Q5 Device: Xiaomi Mi A1 OS: Android 8.1.0
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