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  1. No, it is being supported on a very limited number of devices on Nougat, and yours is not among them.
  2. There is no advantage to have flac files and transmit them over APTX HD, this format is capped at 576kbps (some heavy compression assured). It is still lossy, just as MQA tends to be. Try Neutron as a testbed for hi res support on your phone. There is some sketchy implementation.
  3. Hold on, it's not over yet. Have you tackled with build.prop values, by any chance? Specifically, the triggers for Samsung and Meizu driver implementations (the Lenovo one is atrocious, skip on it). A dumpsys log will sort it out. Of course, requires a rooted device, or some dodgy trials to get it working with a computer through dev debugger. You might have been tricked to believe it is functioning properly. Here is my readout on rerouting output threads. Notice the direct thread still outputs 48khz on a 96khz file. It has nothing to do with the system, but Poweramp itself. P. S. In fact, you should look up logcat for DAC triggers.
  4. It means you have to wait. It's not like there is overly sketchy implementation for each and every phone (hence I question the need of the DAC policy dumps topic on the forum), more like a driver callback. As evidently seen, we've been waiting for over a year and there's a glimpse of hope that the upcoming PA build will have the hi res feature restored to its former Android 6 form, or function at all. So, wait.
  5. Now, do make an AudioFlinger log dump. I am more than certain you'll find PA playing into the primary thread, while being submixed at 16/48.
  6. That is upsetting. I do hear a difference by comparing a downsampled 320 mp3 file and a ripped flac. Most of the time this manifests in distinctive loss of detail or hiss on treble-induced instruments. Speed metal and/or similar genres turn out to be hell to listen to. I'm looking forward to grab a pair of Ety iems soon, that should mitigate my keenness of listening to lossy formats, ever again lol Back on the topic: this is the principal reason to avoid PA as it does not match up to the correct frequency output of a file, and either of the formats are imparing due to resample to android's default. So, even a lossy format would be upscaled to 48khz with a sampler lib (not sure which one PA utilizes), not even at a 2:1 ratio.
  7. Depends on your device. In the current iteration of PA there's only constant 48khz 16 bit. The player utilizes primary output, i.e. proceeds through the audio mixer. The notorious "hires" option is inclusive to that behavior.
  8. Not quite. Lacks of the qcom Aqstic codec. https://www.qualcomm.com/products/snapdragon/processors/801
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