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  1. He most obviously knows the issues. I wouldn't look up the reviews or rating on Play Store simply because the amount of inadequate people who tend to leave such testimonials, and having a poor knack of expressing their concerns. Every now and then you'll stumble upon dozens of meaningless reviews, barring the app in question actually performs well and frequently updated. It's just silly people. Not to mention the majority of this crowd has no idea that the release date of next PA build is postponed indefinitely, and there are incurring discussions taking place all around.
  2. Well, Max hasn't surfaced on the 4pda forums for ages (coincidentally, here too), and has not been proactive lately in general, so is more like nagging him for more insider details, privately. This is pissing everyone off, but you can't ask for more.
  3. Totally agree there should be a music player that can comprehend such formats. I myself had issue trying to playback some UnrealEngine proprietary files and XA rips of old PS1 games. In fact, there is unfamiliar charm with the latter, 37.8kHz music tracks sound dubbed in highs resulting in soft and acoustic flavor. The principal reason why that will not happen with Poweramp is the formats you mentioned are indeed proprietary, and the existing decoders are made as for under "as-is" freeware use, while PA is a shareware app. That would require extra licensing and tedious talks and consultin
  4. @clever_man did. To recap what is known so far: the development is in progress, the UI works are underway.
  5. Dolby libraries and plethora of mods are out there at your disposal for enhancing (is so bad) the sound with 3D effect, or anything that closely resembles it. However, multi-channel emulation/convertion of stereo audio is a terrible idea, regardless. You've got to have DTS ready files or DVD-A rips with the multi-channel support to make use of it, otherwise you would fall for a marketing gimmick. Although, Poweramp will not produce 5.1 or 7.1 surround due to the simple reason - it does output sound to the primary thread submix, and would merge all channels down to stereo.
  6. My apologies for interrupting this message, but bloody hell, you've got to be some kind of a fetish person to audibly endure the 64kbps bitstream for longer than 10 seconds...
  7. We would rather have Poweramp as an open source project, so anyone could contribute and make the development faster. Max can still get most of the revenue, while sharing a small portion in royalties with the top contributors (as the Phonograph dev does).
  8. Well, because he has a greater audience there and de facto he is russian. It's just more convenient to communicate in russian for him rather to do a lenghty explanation on this forum, which appears to be a ticking bomb, judging by this thread alone. There is a glimpse of hope if you look closely at the screenshot. One could notice "Track is decoupled from audioplayer and moved to PowerampAPI". The mentioned API is no less than a layer code, in other words is a framework (allegedly as I guess), to elude conventional audio implementation as seen in the Google's guidelines. Hence, th
  9. No, it is being supported on a very limited number of devices on Nougat, and yours is not among them.
  10. How does this relate to the project transfer to another developer as previously discussed?
  11. Here's an analogy: let's take away your very own smartphone and hand it over to someone else, who allegedly knows the way it works, BETTER than you do. Why would you assume anybody is keen to acquire the software for further development? Why would they want a piece of unfinished code rubbish that requires a lot of preceding research before it is doable to commit changes and resume the development process (oh, and it subsequently prolonges the wait that is already frustrating)? There is always a way around, in fact plenty of: look up for alternatives on the Market. You don't like the soft
  12. You are getting some abnormal readings. It has never drained more than 2%/hr charge on my fairly new battery unit. Check out your power consumption of MediaServer system service, it used to be the principal culprit of severe drains on earlier Android versions. By the way, if you are so inclined, you can upsample primary audio outputs systemwide by modifying policy configurations. Although Android's Speex resampler is a piece of junk.
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