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  1. @maxmp @andrewilley @clever_man do we have any link which explains the effects of dithering, Replay_gain and other audio settings? It helps to understand the Noobs like me
  2. Thanks Dude for the details. Now i understood the limitations. BTW where i can find the details about sample_rate and bit_rate support details. I couldn't find any details from bose site
  3. Hi, on my Mi A1(with Oreo 8.0 build) i can see the "Experimental High-Res Audio" output option and same enabled for both Wired and BT audio. But when i am playing the Songs over BT audio i dont see the High Resolution outtput. Info is displaying as 44.1KHz and no sample rate conversion. I am using Bose Soundsport Wireless Headset and playing Flac files from my Phone. Is there any additional settings needed for BT High Resolution Audio?
  4. Thanks Max finally long waited update arrived. I must say that i am impressed with the Animations. I am not an expert but when i compare it with IOS i always felt that Android animations are not Eye Pleasing. This really looks cool for me. Hoping for Beta release soon with fixes for Oreo and Hi-Res fixes
  5. Hi, Are you using Open Sl ES output or audio Track output? Please share your settings
  6. @speedingcheetah Default Android Audio API sound output option works for Aux Headset also? Or only for usb headset? On my mi A1(with Oreo) I enabled Android Audio API for Wired Headset and USB DAC but when I play 24Bit song it's converting to 48K 16bit output. can you share your settings config?
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