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  1. Meanwhile I have downloaded from the Poweramp website. For some reason it is a time limited trial. v3 build 809-play. Took me hours to scan the files. Lost playlists and settings. But maybe the problem is solved. In order to restore my purchase I open settings. Tapping on Already Purchased? I can choose Google Play, but I did not find Poweramp among the two apps I bought there (I am iOS user and I only have Android because of the DAP (Pioneer XDP-100R)). So I choose Other Purchasing Methodes - Restore Purchase. Which leads to the same advice as yesterday to install a non-play version of Poweramp etc. What is that and where can I find it?
  2. You mean I must use https://Poweramp-music-player.en.uptodown.com/android and download the app again? How do I backup settings if I don't have access to the app?
  3. The full version unlocker is what I downloaded on my DAP. That caused the conflict. The license has been checked many times before. Nothing has changed. The Play store version is 12.3.19
  4. And now Poweramp simply does not start anymore. Other than by saying Failed to verify license. When I was offline, as I am almost allways. So, went online. Tapped on Details: APM response - Bad orderid null. Next tapped on Google Play - Restore Purchase. Now it seems I have to tap on pay in the hope I will not be charged (if I have bought through Google, which I really cannot remember 2,5 years and dozens of purchases later. What should I do? I tried Other Purchasing Methods - Restore Purchase. That leads to the advice to download the non-Play version of Poweramp. I did that, but it lead to a conflict and the advice to uninstall it. Grrrrr!! And I only want access to something I have already payed for.
  5. Long pressing an album, playlist or genre does not work anymore to bring up the shuffle option, as in V2. Now, tapping on the shuffle icon, I have to toggle through the shuffle options (since a menu does not appear), making the music jump each time in accordance with the new shuffle choice. Very awkward. Now I first have to tap on the genre, then tap on an album, then tap on any song (which inevitably starts playing even if I don't want to) , then long press the shuffle icon which only at this location brings up the shuffle menu, and finally choose the desired shuffle option. Long pressing a genre/album etc now brings up a menu at the bottom without the option to shuffle (it only says: playlist queue delete send). A solution would be to add Shuffle to this menu.
  6. Also in the full V3: Selecting a song or an album, then Delete, first seems to work (Delete songs? Yes! DONE!) but leads to dialog Grant Access. In wich one speaks about a hamburger menu (what is that?). I tap Grant Access and then Select SD card 2 (which is there the file sits) at the bottom of the screen. Returning to the screen from where I came, the files are still there. Nothing is deleted.
  7. Hi Andrew, Max.
    Build 799.
    I am using V2 since early 2016. I like the looks of V3 and I appreciate the enormous amount of work that has be done. But I am very disappointed to continue seeing: HiRes playback not supported, falling back to default (or words to that effect). My DAP is the Pioneer XDP-100R with Android 5.1. I have asked to the HiRes support years ago. Am I missing something or does your player still not do HiRes on my DAP?
    Shuffle is a much used function, clearly. Changing it from one version to another is really not a good idea. Like putting the hand brake in your car to the other side of the wheel. Playing from a genre I cannot anymore long press to make my choice, as in V2, but I have to toggle through the options, making the music jump each time. Very awkward. Before I could long press a genre to choose from a shuffle menu. Now I first have to tap on the genre, then tap on an album, then tap on any song (even if it is one I don't want to hear), then long press the shuffle icon. How it is an improvement?
    The lack of HiRes and the hassle with shuffle are enough to say goodbye to V3. And maybe even to Poweramp. Below are several issues that are less important, though they also spoil the experience working with Poweramp.
    I checked « show album on Android lock screen », but what happens is the opposite: it disappears! Everything else remains. While it should be just the other way around.
    Progress bar. Ugly. With so many other things one can switch on or off, why not this as well? You refer to 3rd party skins but in the settings it says « no 3rd party skins found ». Yes, I can choose for the seekbar to be static, but I prefer to have no seekbar at all (or the simple one from V2).
    The text across the album art is ugly.
    Album art. Why is it not as before, covering the whole screen?
    Choosing full screen gives me a completely black screen (visualization is off) in stead of the album art.
    To finish, I am not one of those people who complained about the delays all the time. But for me, after patiently waiting for two years, V3 is not a step forward. Please tell me the issues I mentioned are going to mended soon.
  8. Hi Andre, Thanks for checking if HiRes can be added in Poweramp for the great Pioneer xdp-100r. https://drive.google.com/open?id=12q2UqLHdw0XmPWsajbJKxbwuaS_pGYMK5_XndGz07no https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ScfkCtdZG3TTl8q-4aWdeKSvsUSe8bERn5obsX6ntBQ https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QzjgLBwnRfR0nwE0pRxCl0kb7PpUDF3CRW7TQ-9q-lc https://drive.google.com/open?id=1i3qdIHmlXgJ3mU6qkebbFgVXYT2IG07SsFY3KPH81eg
  9. Could you tell me where to find these files? I can't locate them on my device. I have asked Pioneer but they do not respond. Thanks
  10. Pioneer XDP-100R Android 5.1.1 Processor Qualcomm APQ8074PRO-AB This is a dedicated HiRes audio player that plays all possible HiRes files through its own Music app. However, some of these do not play through Poweramp, a player that I find much better than the standard Music player and that I use all the time. These files are (I give the content of what is in the tag info) : AIFF at 192 kHz 24 bit 9216 kbps does not play at all (I see the warning : failed to play file) PCM_S24BE 96kHz 32 bit 4608 kbps does play but with constant static (dvc on or off) PCM_S24BE 88.2kHz 32 bit 4233 kbps does play but with constant static (dvc on or off) PCM_S24BE 48kHz 32 bit 2304 kbps however does play correctly
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