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  1. Poweramp crashes on my 5 day old Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. It crashes on my 4 year old Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Have a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, haven't played today. Latest version and update
  2. Just stops and shuts down. Vs 832 using. Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Has to be the newest update. With vs 830, had no problem. Need a solution????
  3. Using Build 824 with a Note 9 OS Pie, Since Pie installed in Feb., app plays with pauses and clicks. It is worse using getting notifications and browsing also.
  4. Use default position in Poweramp settings. Auto-rotate setting on the phone. 75% of the time, it will not work
  5. Samung Note Note Pie 9.0 Poweramp vs 823, will not rotate from vertical to horizontal position. Any solutions. No other apps have the same problem
  6. New Note 8 will not access my SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB to play my music files and it will stop. Went to Sprint and stated which I agree that the version 790 Build will not play anymore. The app states that Poweramp stopped. Deleted the version 790 and installed 709. Version 709 plays fine.
  7. Purchase Note 8 last night. Switched all files from Note 4 including transferred music files via Microsdcard. Installed card in Note 8. Version Poweramp on the Note 4 was 703. Poweramp will open and gives me a black screen
  8. Had Poweramp maybe 3 yrs playing on Samsung Note 4 and a Note 3. This morning is skipping, this is a nuisance. Note 4 is OS Marshmallow 6.0.1, Note 3 is Lollipop 5.1
  9. The bi-directional arrows scrolling to the right reveals the other band (s). Thanks. I have 2 sets of hi resolution headphones and the extra band(s) are very responsive with eq. Extra band(s) gives me a little headroom. Appreciated your fast reply Dexter
  10. Have Galaxy Note 4 running Marshmallow 6.0.1. Have only 9 bands, last is 8K. Other missing band is 16K. Have this missing band since 3.0 APK 700 build. Have a Moto G EXT running Lollipop 5.0.2. Have only 8 bands, last is 4K. Other missing bands are 8K and 16K. Having the missing bands since 3.0 APK 700 build.. About 4 months. Any reports about the same problem and any solution. Have uninstalled and reinstalled and reset both devices. The problem does not clear up
  11. I thought if you have Adapt Sound native on your device, it can be activated clicking on MUSIXFX. I used in the past, not anymore. Conflicting audio processing with both Adapt Sound onboard and Poweramp decoder and sound effects. I use Hi-resolution rated IEM's and distortion from both audio processing and sounds horrible. With the Reverb settings in Poweramp is integrated, sounds good.
  12. Like to hear from any Poweramp users about their opinions about rating the Poweramp mobile app vs mobile DAC's. I know audio quality is dependent of the mobile device, especially headphones. Does the audio signal processed by Poweramp rival mobile DAC's. I use a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Share your experiences please.Can a mobile DAC improve audio quality with the Poweramp app?
  13. Poweramp 3.0 New version is rocking on my Galaxy Note 4. No glitches or bugs yet
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