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  1. I mean the future... I just noticed the second question you said, sorry, I will pay attention to it.
  2. Ok... Does Poweramp plan to develop a unique USB DAC feature in the future?🤕 I like Poweramp's interactive logic.
  3. In other words, this requires ROM to implement, if the ROM does not support, Poweramp can not be achieved?🤤
  4. Yes...so I was thinking that I could provide the information you needed. I don’t know if it can be adapted. The earlier version and another device (chord mojo) did, but now I changed the device, updated Poweramp, and updated. Mobile phone system, too many variables are not excluded. The phone model is xiaomi 6, Android9.0, miui10 DDC device is GUSTARD U16 The DAC device is TOUPUN D70
  5. Yes, but the original sampling rate of the file can be output using USB exclusive software such as UAPP. Then there are two cases that can be judged. 1, Poweramp's hi-res output is not perfectly matched to the device. 2, Poweramp does not have the exclusive USB DAC function, which makes it impossible to achieve. But I don't know which one or what else?😭
  6. Can you answer my question? Selective disregard? ?🙄
  7. There is still a problem to ask for help, my phone set hi-res output when the sampling rate can not be selected to 44.1khz, mobile phone and PA output display are 44.1khz, but my external decoder display is indeed 48khz, another phone can not be set Below 96khz.
  8. My friend and I also encountered random switching music, but unfortunately it seems to be random. Some files can't be played, but you can play them again after restarting Poweramp😢
  9. HI When the USB DAC uses the hi-res output to manually switch the sampling rate, the audio message of the file being played will be unknown(the progress bar is invalid). Switching when paused will cause a jump. Software version:830/832(Other versions have not been tested) Phone model:xiaomi 6(Android9.0,MIUI10 9.5.30 beta version)
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