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  1. IRC, I had this option but after a reset I can't find it. I've enabled this option but it doesn't do what I want.
  2. Takes too many steps to change that option. Basically put options in image 1 in image 2 (a repeat button that would expand to show the two options.
  3. That pop up that comes up when long pressing the album art in the now playing screen (the one that shows Lyrics, Delete, etc.) should be bigger to show more buttons as there's enough room for it. I always have to scroll down to go "Album" and "Folder".
  4. An option for Poweramp to ignore all audio focus requests from other apps (except for voice calls) so that I can open YouTube videos and watch them while playing music. Jetaudio has that option where you can even ignore calls.
  5. There should be a button to go the "Queue option" when one is already in the queue page. Currently, it takes like 4 steps.
  6. What does "Stream playlists mean". Is it for streaming playlists on my local network, or Cloud storage, etc. How does it work?
  7. I rate my tracks by play count. The 5 stars rating isn't enough. If I like a track, I'll artificially boost its play count by adding it X number of times in the queue (and quickly swipe through the queue). So having it in the now playing screen would help me quickly see its play count number and increase it need be. I could achieve the same thing with playlists, but I want something more permanent and embedded in the file tags. Niche use case I reckon. BTW, will Poweramp ever support user customizable live/smart playlists?
  8. Show the play count of the currently playing track on the now playing screen. Maybe besides where the track's rating is located.
  9. Does PA automatically update playlists contents? I generally manage my music with Musicbee and when I add/remove tracks from a playlist in Musicbee and sync to my phone, that playlist won't be updated in PA (even if I "Rescan/Resolve playlists". I have to "Import system library playlists" and the new updated playlist will appear alongside the old playlist. Am I doing something wrong here?
  10. How do I use my phone built-in equalizer instead of Poweramp's?
  11. I'm unable to sign into my Poweramp account. I get the "invalid email" error on the first try and get locked out for 5 minutes on 2nd attempt. The only way to get back in is to reset my password. If I close my browser, I get logged out and back to square one. It's been more than a month. I even created a second account with same problem. I've tried Chrome Android and Windows as well as Firefox Pc/Android with same results.
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