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  1. Not sure what any of this means. Seems like Poweramp is giving errors.
  2. I own MQA flac files. Are you able to implement a paid plugin for Poweramp? Or is this something the majority of your users will not use? I don't mind paying 3.99 for this plug-in.
  3. Is it possible to add in MQA (IAP of course) and bit perfect? It's in USB audio pro but the design of that player kinda sucks. MQA and bit perfect is kinda a must have for any audio player.
  4. Max can you please fix the volume issue? LG V30 a and also happens on the LG V20 Stock rooted with only my nav buttons modded. Using high res stopped volume bar from working.
  5. Can you please fix the volume bug? Using volume buttons will not bring up volume slider.
  6. Still never fixed the volume bug. Changing volume does not bring up the volume slider on the LG v20 and LG v30. Also selecting HI-Res in Poweramp kills audio quality.
  7. Don't expect to use both skins at the same time. It's a shame really since it would have been nice to mix and match.
  8. I only bought it to support. I like your first theme so I don't see myself using the second. Thank you very much for your work!
  9. Is it possible you can fix this? Equ is set to on but looks like it is off. As you see in second screen shot, everything looks like it is toggeled on when infact, the buttons in the left are toggled off.
  10. I understand that, but again, that's only going to be a togglable option, correct? btw, why is the text going to bold out of the blue?
  11. This will only be a toggle option, correct? Cause I would personally not like to have that.
  12. Very very sorry for bothering you. Seems I had to clear data from Poweramp to get the skin to work 100%
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