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    Poweramp Ads?

    Nope. You probably downloaded a fake version of Poweramp.
  2. I figured the swipe was going to get added back in in final release. I hope that's the case and that feature is not taken out.
  3. Honestly I don't see what people are complaining about. Looks very clean and polished.
  4. Hope that helps. BTW, awesome band choice! Brings be back to being young again LoL
  5. Had no clue you stare at the album art as you listen to music.....
  6. Ugly concept. But you can always make your own skin and host it on Google play.
  7. I love the UI sooooo.....
  8. Also I rooted my device on 10P. I'm on a stock ROM, with only Xposed. No audio mods
  9. We have the same device and version. Also same version of Poweramp. Yeah, this is very odd.
  10. If I turn off DVC it works perfectly. Ofc DVC sounds better on. So I have to turn it off and on to get volume control to work. Everything is default except for audio.
  11. Do you mind showing me your exact settings in a screenshot?
  12. It worked on older builds. I had it working on this build last night, earlier today it stopped working for some reason.
  13. It's the app, not ROM. I'm using stock LG v20 and have the same problem. Disable DVC works, but you lose audio quality.