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  1. With DVC off, audio is still distorted. I'm using CCA C10 IEM. 4 BA and 1 DD on each side. Also want to note, with DVC off, bit rate is 16bit.
  2. Thanks, I'll try resetting the audio and report back. The V30 got the DTS framework on 8.0. Not sure why LG did not enable it for the device. V30 is not intended to have DTS so I'm unsure why it got the framework. Only way to turn it on is with root. Also I could have sworn LG-H903DS users on XDA got the framework as well. Might want to check out XDA since it seems every V30 can get root.
  3. DTS:X works without DVC. However, on 8.0, I used to be able to enable DVC to make it work. I don't think the G7 is able to use DTS:X. The V30 has the DTS framework, LG just never turned it on. I had to enable it in build prop. ro.lge.globaleffect.dts=true If it's no longer possible to enable DVC, I hope you can optimize Poweramp some how so that audio quality is not killed. The music gets highly distorted, even with DTS off and Poweramp equalizer turned off.
  4. Actually UAPP is doing 24bit with DTS:X. It's easy to check with audio flinger. Poweramp used to as well on 8.0 I can't see the reason why this would change on 9.0
  5. On 8.0 with DVC on, I was able to play music with DTS on. After updating to 9.0, with DVC on, DTS no longer works. If I turn off DVC, DTS works but the audio quality is horrible and output is 16bit. This is a bug in Poweramp since UAPP ( USB Audio Player pro) can play direct bit perfect 24bit output with DTS on. Even the stock LG music app can play with DTS on.
  6. Not sure what any of this means. Seems like Poweramp is giving errors.
  7. I own MQA flac files. Are you able to implement a paid plugin for Poweramp? Or is this something the majority of your users will not use? I don't mind paying 3.99 for this plug-in.
  8. Is it possible to add in MQA (IAP of course) and bit perfect? It's in USB audio pro but the design of that player kinda sucks. MQA and bit perfect is kinda a must have for any audio player.
  9. Max can you please fix the volume issue? LG V30 a and also happens on the LG V20 Stock rooted with only my nav buttons modded. Using high res stopped volume bar from working.
  10. Can you please fix the volume bug? Using volume buttons will not bring up volume slider.
  11. Still never fixed the volume bug. Changing volume does not bring up the volume slider on the LG v20 and LG v30. Also selecting HI-Res in Poweramp kills audio quality.
  12. Don't expect to use both skins at the same time. It's a shame really since it would have been nice to mix and match.
  13. I only bought it to support. I like your first theme so I don't see myself using the second. Thank you very much for your work!
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