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  1. I guess we have to wait until Google runs out of letters and stops creating new Android versions after Z, so Max can finally release something. P.S.: Internet Explorer users, you can fire up your browsers soonish.
  2. I wonder which one will come first: – Poweramp v3 – Half-Life 3 – Portal 3 – RedPower: The Game – New Android UI design (so we need a new UI for Poweramp again) Just kidding tho, looking forward to the update.
  3. I have several linux installations where I almost never use the GUI, just the pure CLI. For what I need it, the command-line interface is actually better, I can do things more quickly than if I was clicking around with the cursor. But this doesn't mean I'm against good graphical user interfaces. A smartphone is something that needs a good interface, so you can achieve the most in the shortest time. Just look at Neutron. I've heard that it has awesome audio quality, but its GUI made me feel like I was poking a weird rock which has some inconveniently placed buttons that, if pressed in a certain way, do basic things. Now I'm not saying Poweramp has a bad UI, becuase it has been great for what it was capable of doing. But a new, clean, easy to use UI will definitely make your life easier and it's likely that you will be able to do the same things in less taps, or maybe in a more intuitive way. It's also better to have a clean UI so you can find all the great funcionality the app has without going through endless submenus. Not to mention that newbies will find it much easier to start using the app the way they like it.
  4. Yeah, Hi-Res output doesn't seem to work on my Sony Xperia XZ with Android 7.0 and build 704. Is there anything I can do?
  5. I'm not quite sure if I can post a feature request here, but since this forum is about the new version of Poweramp, I hope you don't mind. I know that it's possible to use the convolver in V4A, but only if you have a rooted phone. I'd like to have a solution for the plain, boring, non-rooted Android. Also, I like Poweramp too much to even look around and see if a different player can do it. I don't know a lot about the technical details of convolution, but as far as I know, it shouldn't be difficult to find a way to add it as a feature. We just need a switch to enable it, and a button to choose the .irs file we want to use. I've found two old topics on the forum about this:
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