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  1. If you mean did I change the look of the icon then yes I did changed it to a different look from inside the app. That probably was the problem when I changed back to the default it did move again. I'll see in a few days if it does it again.
  2. I'm thinking it has something to do with android 10. Ever since android 10 update on my lg v40 the power amp app been moving location which I'm on its default launcher. My phone been acting weird to like my web browser freezing while I'm still able to type. I dont know what's going on.
  3. I thought about that, usually when it does that PA got updated but not always. It's been doing multiple times a day after the update. Has there been new small updates? Cause I'm not recieving notifications for updated.
  4. Why does my PA icon move locations? It keeps happening like I have it on one page of the phone then it automatically move to a different page like wtf.
  5. Lol I was like whaaaaat MTK, is this for my personal phone or something when seeing it in the playstore notes.
  6. Why does it have my name MTK in the update, is it for me personally or something? I'm so honored thank you my good Sr.
  7. Oh thanks for showing that, I didnt know you can check the 32/64 bit through the about menu.
  8. I think its still buggy, i swear one of my songs just swap to the next song without finishing.
  9. Oh ok, I have a lg v40 so I'm guessing I'm at that build.
  10. How do you change to this 64bit thing. Edit: Nevermind thats for music thats 64bit right like how theres 24bit songs.
  11. Why my pa keep switching from hires to open? Is because of the updates.
  12. Do you know another music player that has that feature. I think blackplayer does but its the premium version.
  13. Can we get a A-B loop
  14. Oh that sucks, wonder if he knows we want that feature. Guess we gotta keep bringing it up then.
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