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  1. Why are you so upset? I think you imagine this the wrong way. https://goo.gl/images/tdauzC This is how it looks inside git. Git is a tool that lets you organize your code versions and make collaboration easier. I could imagine him having at least one branch for stable releases, one for playstore beta testers and one he's working on. If you write your code "right", you are able to take pieces out and move them around. If i understand correctly, he just took one fairly stable feature and attached it to his older code. For testing. This could be beneficial for the project as he can
  2. Is this supposed to replace the up and down gestures? How do i do that? I tried dragging the albumart just about everywhere.
  3. Max doesn't help it much either. I glanced over them. Twice Something like Not yet implemented: most library categories, list/track/preset operations like deletion, adding to playlists landscape and tablet layouts custom lockscreen etc would be much harder to miss. Please don't be angry about something you (i belive), can at least partially fix yourself
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