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  1. Please anyone know if the pixel 4a have hi res output. I want to buy one because headphone jack. Specs. Qualcomm SDM730 Snapdragon 730G edit. I got it on Qualcomm specs: https://www.qualcomm.com/products/snapdragon-730g-mobile-platform Audio Playback PCM, Playback: Up to 384kHz/32bit Any way that Poweramp support hi res on this device? I want to buy one.
  2. Sorry for be in this thread Max, but I having problems with wavpack wv: 32/384 files with. Cue not scanned by Poweramp. But it can play fine the high res file if I open on folder. The. Cue file seems ok. I think is the wavpack 32/384 encoded file cant be finded on Poweramp scan. My device LG v50 android 10 full stock. Thanks in advance. 👍
  3. Im having volume touch problems since last update. Its not touch smooth... not responsible on touch vol wheel 🤔 Im using it n my 3 devices. 2 V30 android 9 and V50 android 10.
  4. Same here, @maxmp any way to revert back the way it was? Like not showing these duplicate folders on list? Maybe an option... All of my duplicate folders are from .cue files inside... I have to get back to last realease... My folders get all messed up... Ive found it... List option by name and by added to playlist causing this duplicate folders with .cue files inside... this is happening on all my devices Nexus 5, 7, 6 gs4 and lgv30, so is not an sdcard issue.🤔
  5. Ive just bought a V30 so Poweramp play natively on his high res dac? This is new to me... Always used old "not high res" Android devices (Nexus 5, Nexus 7, galaxy s4 and nexus 6). I dont want to buy another players like UAPP... cus' Ive already bought and love Poweramp for years...
  6. OMG my UI is awful why is that? Too much spaces... Cover is adjusted awful... My device Nexus 5 5 inch display 1080... Expanded escreen with no navbar. Any way to solve this? I think is happen with default PA also... Thats too ugly... .
  7. @maxmp I dont want to create a new thread so Ill post here. Any way to organize better the landscape interface? Im using in my Sony xperia tab Z. Its a landscape screen tab.?
  8. Great changes! Thanks for option disabled rating! @maxmpI want your sample skin with no artist song over album art! For me all is perfect! Just redesign song/ artist over album art! Make it tranparency! ?????
  9. (Please delete the above message and account ?. Ive just logged in in an old account.) These boxes over the album art should be with transparency so to just can read the info like song, artist and album. Get rid of these thumbs up/down... Also put option for scrolling...?
  10. Sorry for quote an old post but. Can nexus 6 shamu output high res via wired output? My rom is Android 7.1 pure nexus. Modify the audio_policy will work?
  11. No OpenSl HD output here on my nexus 6... Anyone know why? I think nexus 6 shamu snapdragon can output high res... Any help?
  12. Are there any beta test program for Poweramp? Would be nice to become beta tester...
  13. Build-580 just broked my menu config. Its all grey and you cant uncheck... Im runing Nexus 5 with 5.1.1. Other devices like Nexus 7 with 5.0.2 all fine and galaxy S4 running CM 11 fine too... In my N5 5.1.1 I had to donwgrade to the build-579 and all worked fine again with menu config.
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