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  1. @maxmp Oh my... This dark skin is amazing! Cant wait for it! Thats why Poweramp is the best! The best sound and interface! Im really loving it!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™Œ
  2. Sorry for quote an old post but. Can nexus 6 shamu output high res via wired output? My rom is Android 7.1 pure nexus. Modify the audio_policy will work?
  3. No OpenSl HD output here on my nexus 6... Anyone know why? I think nexus 6 shamu snapdragon can output high res... Any help?
  4. The alpha builds 705 and 706 brocked my open sl hd out... On my 3 devices with android 7.1. πŸ˜” So back to beta 790 and all running fine... Well just waiting for parse .cue files back to betaπŸ‘
  5. Sorry for not explain Andre. It only solved to listen in one big overall audio file. It does not parse the cue files.πŸ‘
  6. +1 for cue parsing dont even show in my foder list. Not working on my 3 devices. Nexus 6, 5 and 7. All with Android N. The rest for me like basic audio Hres playig is fine. So for me is fine for an alpha. Lets hope now Max release updates more often nowπŸ‘ Edit. Thanks for the tip: "show cue disc image files" it solved for now...
  7. Ok. Working smooth ob my second device Nexus 5 nougat! Hres output and all fine. The gestures and the interface are amazing! Forme is pretty stable. I only just need .cue function working again! Next step. Testing on my Nexus 7 nougat!
  8. Wow this is a premium work. It worth the wait! Hres output perfect in my nexus 6. Working perfct well with viper4 android! The interface is amazing! We love you Max. This will always be the best player for Android! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ™
  9. Wow. So, 3 days for the beta? Can we make a countdown clock?
  10. Allright then... All my 3 devices are updated to latest android 7.1.2. My Galaxy s4, nexus 5 and Nexus 7... Im ready. Let the beta begin...?
  11. Great effort from our dev to make Poweramp in material design. Its not an easy job... Material design is a very heavy interface (animations everywhere ?. So thats why its a hard work. Make Poweramp design light to the Android system. Personaly I dont like material. Ive always prefer the old holo style: lightweight Dark, clean and simple to the Android system. And now that the creator of material interface is out of Google. I think they will "back to basics"...??
  12. Crystal clear here, using viper4android FX instead of buit in adjusts. Switched resampler to SoX, way better and no dither. Using AT M50x
  13. Plus one here. I like to keep my player interfave very clear am simple. I miss the feature.
  14. Wow I loved the audio engine and dithers yeah! Sox resampling! Wich one dither to recomend?
  15. Are there any beta test program for Poweramp? Would be nice to become beta tester...