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  1. Easiest way to find out what's delivering the ads- When an ad pops up go straight to the play store/hamburger/ my apps and games/installed/sort by last used. The app delivering the ads should be top of the list.
  2. I believe the issue is that most of these adaptors/type C headphones are built with "features" making the useless on other phones. The HTC adaptor is recognised as a DAC on my U11. I looked at replacing it as the first one stopped being recognised, I was going to get the Razor phone adaptor until I contacted HTC. They stated a software update was required for it to be recognised as as DAC.
  3. Possible long press option on the album art brings up album info? The current rectangles look out of place with all the other rounded corners.
  4. If you adjust the sample rate it dramatically increases the volume, lower it down before you adjust it!
  5. Got to get the basics right first, library, then High Res ( the audio still sounds like nothing else but it's definitely lower). HTC U11 Just remember the last vote folks, functions are what make an app.
  6. A new threshold were seeing here, the fluidity of the animations, no stutter, no lag. Excellent work Max, a new standard for Android UI.
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