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  1. 889 has been updated, display error has been fixed, thanks, if 890 can achieve this small function, better, look forward to! https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/20266-max-can-i-add-these-two-buttons-to-the-volume-adjustment/
  2. Yes, I have set the volume level of 100, so I really need these two buttons. With this, it will be convenient. Please join these two buttons. Thank you!
  3. In fact, it was suggested a long time ago, but it has not been implemented. Today, I see this location implemented. I think it is very practical and convenient. Can I add these two small buttons to the volume? Post suggested a long time ago:
  4. Max,The old display problem, the new version appeared again, look at the red circle position, this time is the above text display is not complete, please repair! https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/16058-several-very-obvious-bugs-have-been-found-please-fix-them/?tab=comments#comment-67465
  5. 1. Can the position of the blue circle be set in the center? 2. Can those in red circles be hidden? Can you add these two options to the official skin settings? Please do not ask me to use third-party skin to achieve, sincerely do not want to use third-party skin!
  6. Yes,I asking for the option to disable gesture controls for track changing in the player screen.
  7. Slide the cover of the song left and right to switch the song. Sometimes it is easy to misoperate. Is this the option of closing?
  8. Solution: Leave a little progress bar on the top and bottom of the interface. Don't run to the top and bottom rounded corners. This display problem will be solved!The same is true for other rounded interfaces,You can refer to the list options interface where the progress bar processing scheme! Press these three points, then press the last list option, there is no problem here, you can refer to!ha
  9. Also, would you consider joining as soon as possible? I want to fine-tune easily.
  10. Ah, this one hasn't been repaired yet?
  11. The solution I suggest is that the progress bar should not run to the position of the interface rounded corner, or the progress bar rounded corner should be handled!
  12. The default skin, not the song list interface, is the list settings interface, or directly press these three points, will appear on my picture interface, these small interface progress bars are not rounded, so it looks very ugly!
  13. Right, or add a button (+, -) to the right and left sides of the volume wheel directly. This should be the simplest solution. Now the round wheel is too sensitive to be easy to fine-tune.
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