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  1. So far everything working perfectly on my device "Galaxy On7 Android 7.1.1" I only noticed some errors in the translation into Brazilian Portuguese. In the second image is well visible, already in the first the abbreviation is poorly made "Lista de reproduç"
  2. @maxmp In build 790 there was the OpenSL HD option but the following updates are gone. and the SoundAlive "MusicFX from Samsung" does not have its effects applied when enabled, and also worked normally in build 790. This is a screenshot of build 797
  3. In build 790 it had the option OpenSL HD but in this version it does not appear
  4. In the old build, it appears normally, but not in the new one. It makes no sense..
  5. Where is the OpenSL Hi-Res output ?? ?
  6. The skins anxiety and the finished version is great, great work max, I sincerely prefer the navigation by the same buttons, so the change made by the skins made me at least the PA look incredible. I and many here in Brazil are waiting, waiting like crazy for this update. ???
  7. Thanks Max, it works perfectly on my Galaxy On7 SM-G600FY Android 7.1.1 ? I still do not understand how to use hi-res because of the output, but the OpenSL ES HD works perfectly, I previously made a comment that the SoundAlive "MusicFX Samsung" did not work on v2 or alpha, but now works perfectly.
  8. Okay, this worked but the audio got distorted after this "without me turning on the sound alive"
  9. I recently upgraded my device to the nougat Android "Samsung" after this update, the soundalive "Music FX from samsung" no longer works with Poweramp, but in other apps it works normally. Any idea why this happens?
  10. In alpha, how can I add more .milk presets besides those already in the app?
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