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  1. Hi, Is it possible to have the same frequency range in the parametric equalizer as in the Poweramp app equalizer ? It was extended from 20kHz to 24kHz in build 934-939. Thanks, Miminepho
  2. I used the wrong term, I indeed meant frequencies for individual bands. Thank you!
  3. @Big_Goomba Sorry I'm a little late to this, but you can increase the number of volume steps system-wide using SoundAssistant which is provided by Samsung on the Galaxy Store.
  4. Hello, Would it be possible to allow frequencies over 20kHz in parametric EQ? I'm using AutoEQ to create parametric EQ filters that match a target frequency response and one of the filters requires me to input a frequency of 24042Hz, which isn't currently possible. The value reverts to 20kHz every time I try try a higher frequency. Thank you!
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