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  1. @andrewilley do you think that dividing the folders with 100 tracks each will make it faster?
  2. @maxmp yes please I also have a very big library about 70000 files, even I have devided into folders of a 1000 songs each one, the full scan takes kind of 4 hours and put the scanning in a background progress will help a lot while using the phone in other activities.
  3. Is this build going to be available on play store? I'm beta tester and I haven't received yet. Keep up the excellent work, thanks 👍🏼
  4. @andrewilley yes, interface glitching in some places, for exaple whem I want yo add a song to a playlist, displaying the list of playlists tales some time, I only have two playlists, another example is when I click on songs to display all and select shuffle all, it takes some seconds, also when I forward a song in shuffle all mode it takes 3-5 seconds to do it, ando I understand maybe is the library I have is too heavy, and I can survive with this glitches, actually is the only player that handles my library in a "fluid" way, but i wanted to know if there are something that I can do in order to help my device to make it a little bit more fast.
  5. Hi everyone, i hace a question are there some tips to increase Poweramp performance like disabling animations or something else?. I'm interested because i hace a really Big library in my SD (+60000 songs), I already divided all my songs into folders anda that helped alot but sometimes the app is kind of slow, and I am very concious about, that I do not have the fastest phone or SD but i wanted to kbow if there are some settings that can be tweaked to increase the app performance, thanks for reading me. Kind regards
  6. Is it posible to add autoeq headphones database to Poweramp? I think that would be an awesome feature.
  7. It happens the same to me on Miui 13
  8. @Mukul Kalsait same happens to me, redmi note 9s miui 13 Android 12, has to go back all My audio settings to default, if I use hi res the volume turns lower even using My USB dac, it was working perfect with 942.
  9. Hi, I would like to know, what are the next features that Poweramp will implement or what is the roadmap, even if they are long term features.
  10. I would like to know if Poweramp development is getting affected in anyway due to global events.
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