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Album Art over Bluetooth - there must be a way

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I am getting a new car tomorrow. I began tagging my music over a decade ago in preparation for a car with a screen that can display it. I was going to buy a head unit for my old car, then I had my old car for a decade, and after it got crashed into I had my rental car - which is where I realized Poweramp cannot yet send album art over bluetooth. But so many other things can! There has to be a way to do it. My new car has a big album art area and I don't want it to be blank when I'm playing music. I also don't want to have to find a new music player, but I've been waiting over a decade to just have the album art on my car dash while driving. Is there anything we can do or a place we can ask, something to unlock the secret of how to send album art over Bluetooth?

When I get my car I'll do lots of tests with it. This is something I really want. I am trying to manifest it by speaking it into existence.

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