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  • PowerampEqualizer-build-963-uni.apk By maxmp

    • 9,256
    Builds 960-963: search and filtering in the equalizer preset list User/Built-in/AutoEq, Graphic/Parametric, Assigned filters available Device button to search for the currently connected device preset AutoEq presets preinstalled and available via preset list search can be used to find appropriate device preset AutoEq presets are locked from being changed by default preset list doesn't always load all the entries to keep
  • PowerampEqualizer-build-983-uni.apk By maxmp

    • 4,584
    Builds 979-983: AutoEq presets/devices database update support for the predictive back animation on Android 14 improvements for Samsung One UI 6 workaround for Samsung Dual Messenger option This option starts 2 copies of Equalizer, breaking equalization settings search history new Settings Shortcuts in Main Menu option Target SDK updated to 34 translations updates bug fixes and stability improvements
  • STABLE: Poweramp-build-976-uni.apk By maxmp

    • 28,943
    Builds 971-976: prev./next category actions for Media Buttons AutoEq presets/devices database update visualization latency is now also applied to lyrics for a better time synchronization new Apply OP High Framerate option For Oppo/OnePlus/Nothing phone devices added support for Spinorama txt presets importing bug fixes and stability improvements updated translations - huge thanks to all Crowdin translators!  
  • BETA: Poweramp-build-981-uni.apk By maxmp

    • 18,307
    Builds 978-981: support for MOD, IT, S3M, XM, MPTM tracker formats via libopenmpt lyrics UI shows track comments/samples message new Tracker Decoder Extra Gain and Tracker Decoder Stereo Separation options support for xHE-AAC format via device codecs Works for local files only. Supported on the devices which already have this codec included support for the predictive back animation on Android 14 new Reset Stats option Also per-
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