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Builds 912-921:

  • Target SDK bump to 31 (Android 12) due to the Play store requirement
    • numerous internal refactorings related to the new Target SDK
    • Bluetooth functionality on Android 12 requires a new permission. Note that Android 12 names the Bluetooth permission as "Nearby devices". Poweramp doesn't use any location info
    • APK size slightly increased due to the Target SDK and build tools update, though size on the device is the same or less as resources.arsc is not extracted anymore
    • some 3rd party skins may have minor glitches and require rebuilding due to the new build tools
  • Music Folders selection improvements for multiple separate "root" folders
    On Android 11+, it's not possible to select root of the storage or Downloads folder anymore due to Android limitation. Multiple subfolders (including Downloads subfolders) can be added independently
  • new Rounded Corners option
    Similar to Android 12 rounding, enabled by default
  • new Stretch Overscroll option
    Similar to Android 12 overscroll effect, enabled by default
  • new Material You colors option
    Android 12+ only
  • various other small improvements for Android 12
  • new Export/Import Settings/Data
    • these now export/import not just Poweramp settings, but also data such as album art, playlists, streams, and track statistics
    • exported file is compatible with old Poweramp builds if none of the new options selected
  • cold start improvements
  • slow to mount SD cards are better handled now
  • translations updates


What's New in Version 01/09/2022 05:07 AM


Build 921:

  • better gapless for some iTunes mp3s
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

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