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Playlists show "0 songs" after changing sd-card

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I am quite new with playlists.

Since I changed my sd card (I copied all files from the old to the new sd-card) the playlists of Poweramp show "0 songs". 

What can I do? 

Best wishes, Ronald 


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When you take out your sdcard whilst your device is switched on, android and Poweramp will notice that all tracks on that sdcard are no longer available. As a result both android and Poweramp will start removing all missing entries from their databases.when you reinsert, Poweramp will rescan and find the tracks again but it treats them as new . Your old playlists are no longer valid and cannot be recovered. To back up your playlists, export them as .m3u8 paylists. Poweramp has that option. If you make any changes to your playlists make sure to export again as they are independant and will not be maintained by Poweramp. 

You may want to have a look at New Playlist Manager which creates m3u playlists ans is able to back up Poweramp ratings as well,( something you cannot do with Poweramp).

M3u or m3u8 formats are the same for all intents and purposes.


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Hi TheoKlink,


thanks a lot for your answer!

I am sure, that I switched off my phone before taking out the sd-card. 

Thanks for your advices!

Can you recommend a Playlist Manager?

Best wishes,


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I have developed a playlist manager which integrates with Poweramp. Have a look at the links in my signature

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