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Can't scroll down all my albums

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When I try to scroll through my albums either in folder or library view, after scrolling down a few albums Poweramp ui vanishes, crashes. 

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Could be some album art (or tags) are broken maybe? Does this happen in every folder, or just some?


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I was going through this same issue and I guess I found how to fix it.
I figured it out the app used to crash in always the same scrolling point. Then I wrote down the corresponding album name, and after that, I've opened the sdcard in Windows Explorer and:
1 - that album had 73 mp3 files.
2 - All of them had several ID tags differents one from another.
3 - Two of those files were a single track larger than 15 minutes.

So, I edited all these ID tags, removing them. I deleteded that two files larger than 15 min and finally I divided those 70 files in two folders. That actions seemed to fix the issue. The app is not crashing anymore while scrolling the folder list. (Although I'm not able to know which specific action fixed the problem).

I hope it can helps.

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