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I have a feature proposal regarding the current queue implementation and shuffle mode.

Although I still think the current approach to song queuing may be a bit too complicated and confusing for many people (see some of the confused reactions in the forums) it has its advantages and could become even more useful with a simple feature addition.

Currently when you play a folder with shuffle on and enqueue an album you need to turn off shuffle manually in order to play the album (or custom song selection) in the right or desired order. On top of that when the queue finishes always the SECOND song in the original folder (the one you had playing on shuffle) starts to play. This is fairly logical but quite annoying.

What I suggest is an OPTION not the shuffle songs added to the queue even when shuffle (either folder or library based) is turned on globally. This way I could listen to a folder of random songs or the whole library on shuffle and when I thought of a specific album or selection of songs to play I could just enqueue them, listen to them in the order I DESIRE (even manipulate the queue in the process) and after the queue is finished return to playing the original folder or whole library on shuffle all without ever having to touch the shuffle switch and having to listen to the second second in the original folder for the millionth time.

I think this is a reasonable suggestion that would immensely enhance the user experience. Please consider it.



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But it does not work correctly, before I could shuffle songs in the queue, so that each song was only played once and playback would stop when all songs are played. Now I have tried the various new shuffle variants but am unable to get the same result as with the old version

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