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  1. This is still a pending issue on my Galaxy Note II (non-rooted stock 4.1.2). I can't say for sure it's related to use of BT headset because I use it almost exclusively and the bug occurs very randomly and I don't know how to reproduce it. Keeping the player service in memory does NOT help. What is the status on this? EDIT: It seems the problem occurs when the player service is killed by the system when phone is low on memory. I tried killing the (inactive) service by a task killer and playback was reset to 0:00. The player needs to save last played possition whenever it is paused and not r
  2. Hi, I must say I'm very happy with Poweramp. For my needs it's almost perfect. One thing that has been sorely missing though is the ability to perform some operations for more files/folders at once. Most notably these should include enqueing, adding to playlist, deletion and playlist/queue manipulation. Is there a chance this could be implemented? I imagine a multi-operation switch similar to the queue-manipulation switch in queue view could be added to all views which upon activation would show checkboxes to the left of filenames and any operation performed would apply to the whole select
  3. Mounting via CIFS is not an option. Just imagine the time it would take each time to scan a 300 GB music library, that's just ridiculous. SMB browsing needs to eliminate all pre-scanning and needs to operate like a file browser only scanning the folder that is currently open (without subfolders).
  4. I confirm the same behaviour. I use exclusively a BT headset, my phone is Samsung Galaxy S running CM10 (JellyBean). It happens on short tracks too. To me it seems that the track position is lost (mostly?) when the Poweramp service is killed by Android unexpectedly (low memory situation, sudden reboot etc.). It seems like the app is not saving track position in a regular interval but rather only on a "safe" exit from the app. The workaround involving keeping the service in memory seems to support that. This is EXTREMELY annoying even on short tracks and I can only be thankful that I don't list
  5. Last time I checked (about a week ago) it worked just fine on CM9. Where it indeed does not work is CM10, but Player Pro doesn't work either so it's probably a ROM bug. (SGS I9000) EDIT: It works now on the August 18th nightly build of CM10 for SGS I9000).
  6. It's supposed to work on ROMs based on CyanogenMod and AOKP (Android Open Kang Project). I guess it should also apply to other phones that use a similar AVRCP implementation if such phones exist. It will probably not work on phones using some sort of proprietary deviation from the standard. See http://www.aplayerpro.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=246&start=30 Sorry Max for discussing a competing product on your board but it's not exactly like you are demonstrating any intention to implement this in Poweramp... EDIT: This is pretty awesome. Without much talk you implemented AVRCP tag sen
  7. Player Pro now supports AVRCP on selected phones.
  8. Hi, many video players on Google Play support browsing shared network media via the SMB protocol though I have yet to find a music player capable of the same. Would it be possible to add basic SMB support into Poweramp? I understand it would be a problem with the current media scanner philosophy when applied to huge music libraries but I'm sure the file browser could be simplified to make it useful on big networked libraries too.. Thanks Petr
  9. Any news on this? More and more phones with proper AVRCP 1.3 support are being released. You don't wanna lag behind Max, do you?
  10. I would sure love to see an SMB browser too! A few video players do that (BSPlayer for instance) so it should be possible. On rooted phones it is possible to include SMB shares in the music library via CIFS Manager, but it is effectively useless when you have a structured music library of several hundreds of GB because scanning such library would take literally ages. A lightweight browsers is a must here. Any thoughts?
  11. I would just like to bump this feature request. Since CyanogenMod now officially supports AVRCP 1.3 and CM is the most popular after market firmware for Android phones I think it is good time to implement sending ID3 tags to A2DP adapters properly. I'm sure the official Android BT stack will catch up one day.. What is the dev's current stand on this?
  12. It's actually already there (Settings - Headset - Pause on headset disconnect), it just doesn't work very reliably with PA 2.x (sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't). PA 2.x is still rather buggy.
  13. It most certainly is not the case. Please see http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/1921-randomly-loses-current-songposition-between-starts/ again for details.
  14. Do I understand the changelog correctly that the pesky bug that causes the player to forget its state (losing queue and currently playing song) has not been fixed? See http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/1921-randomly-loses-current-songposition-between-starts/ This is a major issue that makes the player completely useless for continuous use.. Also can the Market version be updated by the downloadable version and vice versa or are they mutually exclusive?
  15. I can see it's included in the 2.0 update and it's awesome! Thanks a lot for implementing this! Petr
  16. Hi, I have a suggestion for a change in Poweramp folder hierarchy. When you check one or more music folders in the respective menu all of these folders are displayed as top level folders in the folders tab hierarchy. This probably feels OK when you use multiple folders however many users including me only use a single top level folder for storing their music. In this scenario only on top level folder is displayed and it becomes an unnecessary nuisance to navigate into this folder before you can see the actual list of albums in that folder. Could you please add the option NOT to display the top
  17. Hi, I have a feature proposal regarding the current queue implementation and shuffle mode. Although I still think the current approach to song queuing may be a bit too complicated and confusing for many people (see some of the confused reactions in the forums) it has its advantages and could become even more useful with a simple feature addition. Currently when you play a folder with shuffle on and enqueue an album you need to turn off shuffle manually in order to play the album (or custom song selection) in the right or desired order. On top of that when the queue finishes always the SECOND s
  18. OK, we'll see. And thanks a lot for the great support, this is again something you don't see every day.
  19. +1 on that, structured subfolders are a must for people who like to keep their media library organized in a more sophisticated way. Thanks in advance for adding this into a future version! andrewilley actually has a very good point! .) Petr
  20. YES PLEASE! This is my biggest gripe with Poweramp too. I'm afraid you're reinventing a perfectly good wheel here maxmpz ( viewtopic.php?f=3&t=72&hilit=queue&sid=0c9d07d720b28cbd2fae7a9c036221b6#p205 ) and the invention seems to be actually "more confusing and less usable". What I and apparently many (most ?) other users need is really just a simple plain old WinAmp style playqueue to which you may add files from a) folder view, library view and c) playlists (I don't personally care much about c) or even for that matter but I understand others may). The whole concept of "live pla
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