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Playlists shows 0 songs


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I had created playlists on my Samsung Galaxy S4, 5.1 and all worked just fine.

Until i was bitten by "Go explore" to what settings etc was in store under "settings". I dont know what i have done but all my playlists now shows up empty. Doh! :( 

Any input on might what has happened and what setting caused this so i can go and change it back? Latest version of paid Power Amp.


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The fact that your playlists show empty can be due to a few reasons. You may have dismounted your sdcard and any tracks located on this card can then not be found. Both android and Poweramp will rescan and update (remove tracks it can not find) its databases. Any links on your playlists to those lost tracks are also removed. When you reinsert your sdcard, rescan will restart and the databases updated ( adding the new tracks) but they will be treated as new tracks and you are not able to get your old ( empty) playlist back.

The same process happens when your device is updated to a later version of android where the sdcard is named differently. Effectively the same as removing your sdcard and reinserting a different one.

Difficult to find out what you did but you should back up your playlists by exporting them as .m3u8 (m3u) playlists. Poweramp offers this option under Settings, Folders and Library, Export Poweramp playlists.

I will not complicate things but in a worst case scenario, you can use my app to import these playlists. Your original playlist will be restored. 

Also, If you apply ratings to your music in Poweramp, ensure you use my app to back these up as Poweramp can not do this.

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