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Zenfone 2 Laser, app dont works correctly

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I have been experiencing this problem for a while. When I click on a song, the app does not appear in the list.

I have now discovered that this only occurs with the files inside my external memory card. For files that are in the Internal Storage, the Poweramp appears in the list, it opens the file but opens it paused (not playing directly).

I use an apk called "Poweramp as default player", which made the app work properly but after a hard reset on my cell phone today until it is not working):

Any suggestions on what I can do?

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While you can click on a file in a file explorer app and it should list PA as one of the options for handling the file, it sometimes does not seem to work (more often on new versions of Android). However that is not the normal way to use PA, rather than playing tracks ad hoc from a file explorer, it's better to let PA scan the locations where your music is stored so it is all available from within PA's own library system.


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