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Shuffled playlist


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Can't see this in the current features to do list, but apologies if it is there.

Recently started using this rather than PocketPlayer on win6.5, which was excellent.

The feature I miss most is being able to create a playlist of my entire collection and then shuffle that list so that each song would only play once throughout playing through that list. It would then remember your position from day to day.

Poweramp appears to just do a basic shuffle where the list is not maintained and various events seem to rebuild it.

Just needs a shuffle list function to apply to the playlist and then allow you to save that revised list in the new order.

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You can either just press SHUFFLE on main screen to get to Shuffle all mode (this is the first mode activated by this button) - it will shuffle your whole folders or library collection this way. There is no limited history or anything like that. Instead WHOLE list is loaded and items randomly reordered. The loading whole list doesn't hurt memory as it's only 4-8 bytes per song (only IDs loaded).

Or you can also create playlist and either hit SHUFFLE until Shuffle playlist mode or long press on playlist and select Shuffle All button to get that playlist shuffled.

PowerAMP will reshuffle on:

- other list (album/artist/playlist/folder/etc) selected

- sd card/folders rescanned

- PowerAMP process killed by some other event


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Sorry, will this allow me to create a playlist of 800 songs say, play 20 of them shuffled, then turn the phone off and on and it will continue to play the rest of the shuffled playlist without revisiting the previously played 20 songs?

Just to clarify, it's the ability to shuffle a playlist that I am after (so I can see the shuffled playlist order as well), not the ability to play a playlist in shuffle-mode.

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That's what I thought. Was a bit confused in the playlist view when I pressed menu->shuffle and saw that the playlist remained in its original order.

Hence this being a feature request to allow a playlist to be reordered.

Either manually or with a shuffle command.

Can't be hard to simply reorder the references in a playlist and save it. PocketPlayer is a good example for this.

Would then give the ability to randomly play through a large music library over a period of several days/weeks without repetitions.

Ah, sorry, have only just noticed that there are other requests for this already submitted in the forum (also mentioning PocketPlayer I see).

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